The Tomb of Bung Karno's Blitar East Java

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tomb of Bung Karno's is one of the tourist icon in Blitar. Blitar dubbed Earth Bung Karno, Bung Karno because it is buried in the city of Patria's. In addition to the tomb of Bung Karno, you can see a wide range of documentation Bung Karno form of photographs in the museum is still located at the Tomb of Bung Karno Complex. Bung Karno's grave is located in the northern town of Blitar, precisely at Jalan Ir. Sukarno, who was in the area Bendogerit District of Sananwetan. Prior to the tomb, it helps you enter through the south entrance, precisely located in the south library Bung Karno. Because in this place you will find one of the tourists favorite photo spot invitation background Statue of Bung Karno which is right in front of the entrance to the library. Once satisfied capture the image with the background of the statue of Bung Karno, you can go into the room that holds hundreds of photos Bung Karno documentation. In this room you can see a wide range of activities Bung Karno who was enshrined in the lens. If you want to see old photos and other items, you can visit Gebang Palace in Blitar is located not so far from the Tomb of Bung Karno. Once satisfied with this room, you can go to the library to read books Bung Karno / borrow (for members with ID Kota Blitar). In the library, you are not allowed to take photos. Bung Karno in the library there is a room filled with special books about Bung Karno. If you are not interested to go to the library, you can immediately see the magnificence of the tomb complex Bung Karno with pillars and a pool in the middle. To get to the tomb of Bung Karno, you have to climb the stairs high enough. Before entering into the tomb area, your guest book located at the west staircase. After that you can go into the tomb area Bung Karno.

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