Tangkuban Perahu Mountain

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tangkuban Perahu, or Tangkuban Parahu in local Sundanese dialect mean boat capsize in english. Tangkuban Perahu mountain, is one of the volcanoes are located in West Java, the located name is Lembang, about 30 km north of the city of Bandung with the altitude of 2,084 meter above sea level with lush pine trees and spread of tea gardens in the area. The shape of the mountain is maar or shield that has burst 400 years ago. The most type of rock through eruption is lava and sulfur, a mineral that issued is sulfur, a mineral issued when the mountain not active is sulfur steam. The average temperature is 17oC daily at noon and 2 OC at night. Tangkuban Perahu, which from a distance looked like the boat capsize.

The last burst of mountain in 1910 and have 9 crater of active volcano until now. The craters name are "Ratu" creater, "Upas" creater, "Domas" creater, "Baru" creater, "Jurig" creater, "Badak" creater, "Jurian" creater, "Siluman" creater and "Pangguyungan Badak" creater. The Ratu creater is the largest, after that Upas creater where is located alongside with the Ratu creater. Some craters removing sulfur smell of smoke, there is even a crater forbidden to going down, because the smoke contain of poisons. Tangkuban Parahu have Dipterokarp Hill area of forest, Dipterokarp Top forest, Montane forest, and Ericaceous forest or mountains forest.

Enchantment Tangkuban Perahu is so impressive, it is a popular tourist attraction where tourists can hike or ride to the edge of the crater to view the hot water springs upclose, and buy eggs cooked on its hot surface, even the weather is sunny, depressions in the ground wall craters can be seen clearly, not only that, we can enjoy to see the beauty primary craters,that is very impressive. The natural beauty of Tangkuban Perahu mountain to makes become one of the attractions of natural mainstay of West Java Province, particularly for Bandung. Every weekend, Tangkuban Perahu area always crowded by visitors who want to see the beautiful panorama of Tangkuban Perahu mountain. Don't worry about hotel, there are so many in there for staying or overnight if you want.

Local Legend of the Tangkuban Perahu Mountain:
The name translates roughly to "upturning of (a) boat" or "upturned boat" in Sundanese, referring to the local legend of its creation. The story tells of "Dayang Sumbi", a beauty who lived in West Java. She cast away her son "Sangkuriang" for disobedience, and in her sadness was granted the power of eternal youth by the gods. After many years in exile, Sangkuriang decided to return to his home, long after the two had forgotten and failed to recognize each other. Sangkuriang fell in love with Dayang Sumbi and planned to marry her, only for Dayang Sumbi to recognize his birthmark just as he was about to go hunting. In order to prevent the marriage from taking place, Dayang Sumbi asked Sangkuriang to (1) build a dam on the river Citarum and (2) build a large boat to cross the river, both before the sunrise. Sangkuriang meditated and summoned mythical ogre-like creatures -buta hejo or green giant(s)- to do his bidding. Dayang Sumbi saw that the tasks were almost completed and called on her workers to spread red silk cloths east of the city, to give the impression of impending sunrise. Sangkuriang was fooled, and upon believing that he had failed, kicked the dam and the unfinished boat, resulting in severe flooding and the creation of Tangkuban perahu from the hull of the boat.

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