Bali, Indonesia

Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcome to the Bali Island of Gods, the island who has everything of travel to Indonesia: The world class Art & Culture of the Balinese that it has survived the repeated invasions of other cultures, temples, traditional festivals, white sandy beaches, cruising trips and many more.
Bali island, located in eastside jawa island. Island with many beauty [of] making people agape to wish again there. Custom which so jell felt [in] each;every tip of island, added [by] beautiful for view. You can enjoy the Kuta and Legian beaches with the white sands and other beaches which offer more tranquility; Ubud which famous for painters and carvers communities, community, terraced paddy fields, monkey forest; modern hotel resorts at Nusa Dua; The temples in Klungkung which representing the beauties of Balinese religion & cultures, the tropical small islands; Mount Agung & Mt. Batur Volcanoes with its beautiful volcanic lake, world class restaurants, shopping centers, discotiques and still many more. Bali offers everything.

The beautiful island of Bali has all the elements of a true exotic vacation. Not only does it have world class waves at your finger tips, it has the cultural activities and a beautiful atmosphere with great local people to make a great overall experience. Every type of traveler can have a trip of a life-time in Bali, from single travelers meeting people in the town of Kuta Beach or on the cliffs of Uluwatu in the hillside eateries, to the couples and honeymooners taking in the market places, colorful parades, relaxing on the beaches and experiencing some of the greatest sunsets in the world.

Bali can be overwhelming, even for the more experienced traveler, but with our surf guide and hotel packages, we will have someone to greet you at the airport, whisk you away to your hotel or resort without haggling with the local taxis (which can definitly give a bad taste in your mouth at the start of your trip). Once at the hotel, having a surf/tour guide at your beckon call 8 hours a day makes you feel safe on the busy roads of the city and gives you the key insight to be at the right surf break at the right time with local knowledge about the area, hazards, paddle out spots and to keep your valuables safe if you choose to have him stay next to the car.

Tenun Songket Indonesia

Monday, January 24, 2011

Songket adalah kain tenun yang dibuat dengan teknik menambah benang pakan sebagai hiasan dengan menyisipkan benang perak, emas atau benang warna di atas benang lungsin. Kata songket berasal dari istilah sungkit dalam bahasa Melayu dan bahasa Indonesia, yang berarti "mengait" atau "mencungkil". Hal ini berkaitan dengan metode pembuatannya yaitu dengan cara mengaitkan dan mengambil sejumput kain tenun, dan kemudian menyelipkan benang emas. Indonesia terkenal dengan kain songket yang terbanyak berasal dari Sumatra Barat dan Palembang.

Kain Ikat Khas Indonesia


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