The Tomb of Bung Karno's In Blitar East Java

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tomb of Bung Karno's as Indonesian 1st President is one of the tourist icon in Blitar. Blitar dubbed as Earth of Bung Karno, due to the body of Bung Karno is buried in the city of Blitar. In addition to the tomb of Bung Karno, you can see a wide range documentations about Bung Karno form the photographs in the museum which still located at the Tomb Complex of Bung Karno. Bung Karno's tomb is located in the northern town of Blitar, precisely at Jalan Ir. Sukarno, who was in the area Bendogerit District of Sananwetan.

Prior to the tomb, it helps you to enter at through the south entrance, precisely located in the south library Bung Karno. Because in this place you will find one of the invitation spot tourists background favorite photos of Bung Karno Statue which is right in front of the entrance to the library.

Once satisfied to take the photo with the background of the Bung Karno statue, you can go into the room that holds hundreds photo documentations of Bung Karno. In this room you can see a wide range of activities Bung Karno who was enshrined in the lens. If you want to see old photos and other items, you can visit to Gebang Palace in Blitar is located not so far from the Tomb of Bung Karno.

Once satisfied with this room, you can go to the library to read/borrow (for members with Kota Blitar ID) the books of Bung Karno. In the library, you are not allowed to take photos. In the Bung Karno library's there is a room filled with special books about Bung Karno.

If you are not interested to go to the library, you can immediately see the magnificence the tomb complex of Bung Karno with pillars and a pool in the middle. To get to the Bung Karno tomb, you have to climb the stairs high enough. Before entering into the tomb area, your must fill guest book located at the west staircase. After that you can go into the Bung Karno tomb area.

Kampung Coklat in Blitar, East Java

Tourism in the Kampung Coklat (Chocolate Village) is very pleasant, the Village located in the District of Plosorejo Kademangan Blitar, East Java, Indonesia. Went to the Kampung Coklat very easy, to find the Kampung Coklat place just follow instructions along the way. If we were from the Blitar mid town just follow the streets toward Kademangan until finding the bridge turn left, until you find Kademangan market and still straight until the crossroad towards Lodoyo (Mountain Parrots), from here turn left and follow the road straight approximately 3 km. Location of Kampung Coklat was on the north road or the left side of the road, near to the border with the village of Plosorejo Darungan Kademangan.

Our delegation coming from Sidoarjo, East Java traveled to the Kampung Coklat by car.

Great fun along the highway along the city because of the size of the course is wide enough and at every intersection or turn there is always a signpost.

To be able to enjoy educational tours Kampung Coklat there are two travel packages that we can select which Travel Packages 25.000 per person and Student Family Pack 40,000 per person.

Fortunately we did not need to pay the travel package but enough to buy tickets only Rp.5000 per person and there will be a guide who will guide us around the Kampung Coklat.

There are any five areas that could be explored in Kampung Coklat, That is the area of ​​cocoa nursery, cocoa plantations, drying of cocoa, cocoa processing and chocolate packaging.

In this cocoa nursery area of ​​loose soil. We could see the rows of cocoa trees with fruit that grows leafy green, red and yellow. did you know readers how long it takes for cacao trees were ready to be harvested? Four to five years.

In the garden area was deliberately given a table and chairs that can be used by visitors to rest and eat food under the shade of cocoa trees.
Across the cacao plantation we were able to visit the area drying cocoa beans.

How to drying with natural methods that is dried in the sun for 5-7 days. The new cocoa beans ready to be processed if a 6% water content, for measuring the moisture content is used special tools ie aqua boy. After the cocoa beans are sorted using a sorting machine or grader.

Here we can see the chef in charge of processing cocoa into chocolate. Beside it there is space packaging of processed cocoa from chocolate bars to chocolate candy with a variety of flavors and shapes. If we want to buy the products processed cocoa in the Kampung Coklat then we can buy it at Kampung Coklat Gallery. We then bought some processed cocoa products such as cocoa powder, chocolate bars and chocolate candy with fruit-flavored variant.

So for readers who like to travel, especially if with loved ones do not forget to enter to the Kampung Coklat Blitar in the list of family attractions in East Java because it is guaranteed not to regret come there. Can be sweet chocolate, also science. Blitar accommodation need not worry, you can find it here.

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