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Friday, July 22, 2011

If we go Marsma Iswahyudi Street, there's Restaurant and Crab Crab Dandito Kenari. Everything favor menus with crab and shrimp seasoning blends typical of each. Restaurant Dandito for example, in addition to providing oyster sauce and black pepper to crab, also using Dandito special sauce that tastes very delicious.

Meanwhile, if you are tasting menu at Restaurant Crab crab Walnuts, you will be faced with a choice of sweet and sour sauce and black pepper. For you who like the taste of sweet, sweet sour crab menu will be the right choice. Large-sized crabs that are a mainstay of the diner, split into several pieces and cooked in a thick sweet and sour sauce.

What about the black pepper crab menu? On the House Eat Dandito, black pepper sauce is served thick with a sweet savory flavor with a spicy black pepper that fit. After eating crab dishes, the better we drink young coconut water that serves as a neutralizer.

How about the same menu at Restaurant Crab Walnuts? Black pepper crab menu at the restaurant was very spicy taste of black pepper. Crab pieces, each shell is filled spots coarse ground black pepper. Black pepper crab menu was only treated with sliced ​​onions.

Enjoyment of eating the crab, the same effect when you order the prawns in the same seasoning blends. At both restaurants, the shrimp is also difficult to be ignored. Everything is blended with spices right by clever chefs to satisfy customers.

Want to find other typical menu in the city the next day? Try the soup tasted banjo. Soto Banjar's original cuisine Banjarmasin (South Kalimantan) which, when taken from the City of Aberdeen by road, about 6 to 7 hours drive.

Soto Banjar is serving as regular chicken soup with glass noodles, some bean sprouts, shredded chicken, and complementary form of potato cakes and fried chips. But the yellow spice nodes, giving a different flavor soup. This is because in addition to chicken soup flavor in general consisting of turmeric, onion, pepper and nutmeg, soto Banjar also spiked with anise and cinnamon. Serves a little cinnamon, and coupled with fennel, make soto Banjar far from fragrant cinnamon. Every bribe the warmth makes you will not stop eating until the soup runs out of the bowl.

Another typical food in town is the monitor. This monitor is a solid dumplings. You must have come across monitor the packaging in the supermarket, in the frozen food. In the city of Balikpapan, this monitor to the main menu is eaten with a variety of Chinese-style dishes. Can be eaten with beef or chicken kungpao seasoning, or seasoning pepper. Options that will be enjoyed any monitor, there are two. Can a steamed or fried. A monitor measuring 10 cm in diameter, priced at Rp 2,500 for the presentation of steamed white and Rp 3,000 for the fries.

Make sure you order the fried good quality mantau. These are good quality, the texture of flour which had fermentation, very solid. Do not be afraid of the oil used for frying. It looks brown tan, with a dry shiny surface. Seller mantau the well-known in Aberdeen, can be found at the new shop Restaurant Suky in Aberdeen and Depot Road Pandansari Simpang 4. The mantau is even eaten with venison that kungpao and sprinkled with cashew nuts, known as ripe cashew.

For a typical food market, you can enjoy a variety of fried foods including fried bananas, fried and know the content of cassava. Fried cassava, there are two kinds, ordinary fried cassava is eaten with the spice paste dicocolkan and cassava are round shaped with a slightly sweet taste, like getuk, wrapped in flour and fried in a thin and crispy.

Meanwhile, dry snacks that can be used as souvenirs, many are selling at Balikpapan amplang tiger nails. Amplang This is a snack made from fish, fish crackers shaped like as Palembang with almost the same flavor, savory flavor of the fish. Shaped like a little fat such as nails tiger, fish crackers are called amplang tiger nails.

If you want to bring a gift of food, crab menu above can also be taken as souvenirs. Two restaurants are packed crab in a thick clear plastic wrap, then put in small boxes that are sealed so that no smell. Well, the City of Aberdeen can make full too right?

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