Tor Tor Dance, North Sumatra

Friday, July 6, 2012

Tor-tor dance is typical dance tribal Batak of North Sumatra. Exactly Mandailing. These dance moves in rhythm with the music (magondangi) played using traditional instruments such as gondang, flute, trumpet Batak, and others.

Previously, Dance tor-tor is used in rituals associated with spirits. Spirit is invoked and "go" to the statues of stone (a symbol of the ancestors). The statues were then moves like dancing, but with a rigid motion. The movement is a movement of the foot and hand movements.

This dance is usually held at a big party, which earlier in the clean place and location of the party before the party began to away from danger by using lime. Tor-tor into the culture of indigenous people in every activity Batak.

Tor-tor dance is also in use at the wedding, the tribe Mandailing Tarin tor-tor is a dance that is the case until now. Many people who know the dance because dance tor-tor tor-tor is always in use by some of the dance studio to become one of the dance that was developed and in the case.
Everyone can definitely dance Mandailing tor-tor, because the dance is always in use in a variety of events in northern Sumatra. This dance is also very in love by people who are not tribal Batak. Dance in Indonesia has characteristics of each area into a dance in pride.
This dance is very popular so it is always in use on special occasions. Clothes that are used in dance clothes tor-tor is characterized by wearing ulos Batak.
Clothing worn when dancing was tor-tor is very good because the clothes on the dance tor-tor has its own characteristics.
Tor-tor dance types are manifold, namely:

1. Tor tor Pangurason (cleansing dance).
This dance is usually held at a big party. Before the party starts, place and location of the party first cleaned by using lime to be far from danger.

2. Tor tor Sipitu cup (Dance of the seven bowls).
This dance is usually held during the inauguration of a king. This dance is also derived from the seven daughters of heaven to bathe in a lake at the top of the mountain by an incoming pusuk Buhit sipitu sasarung piso (seven knife sheath).
3. Tor tor Single Panaluan
Usually held when a disaster-stricken village. Single panaluan danced by the shaman to guide the solution to resolve the issue. For a single rod is a combination of supernatural powers panaluan Debata Natolu above the continent, the continent was, and the Continent.

Tor-Tor on today for the Batak people are no longer just assumed with the spirit world, but it became an art because the Tor-Tor into the culture of indigenous people in any activities of Batak.

The Museum Of Jambi

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jambi city still has a museum that has a culture collection of Jambi Province. The Museum of Jambi, located at the intersection of Jalan Prof. Dr. Soedewi Sofwan, and Jalan Urip Sumoharjo. Built on February 18, 1981, and inaugurated June 6, 1988. The museum features traditional architecture Jambi, the Kajang Lako House. Currently, the museum is in a period of renovation will be completed in December 2011. The museum has a land area of ​​13 350 square meters with building area of ​​4,000 square meters.

Museum of Jambi has a diverse collection numbering approximately 2855 units. These collections are grouped in sections such as geologika, Biologika, filologika, etnografika, arkeologika, historika, numeratika, keramologika, fine arts, and teknologika. Collection has been divided into several sections are also grouped in different rooms. one of them, the room that presents cultural treasures Jambi culture of ancient times like the Malay traditional hunting equipment, farm equipment and fishing, as well as woven and woven handicrafts and batik Jambi typical with flower motif. Then, Jambi Malay ethnic wedding supplies ranging from traditional dresses to wedding paraphernalia wedding accessories, wedding, bedding, and special batik cloth used to wrap corpses.

In another room with the theme "Natural Potential Jambi", there are animals that exist throughout the province of Jambi. The animals have been preserved and some are replicas, such as Sumatran tigers, bears, crocodiles, and others. In addition, the natural potential of Jambi in the room there are also examples of timber trees in Jambi, and the discovery of the Batang river from time to time, such as natural stones from ancient times until today.

Picnic In Jambi, Indonesia

Tebo estuary is one of the city located in Batang Hari river and Trunk Tebo. Tebo estuary itself is a district capital Tebo regency. The city is located exactly promontory of the river (meeting) between the Batang Hari river and Trunk Tebo. Tebo Muara community often mention the confluence of two rivers as the tip of the Cape and is since a few years ago the area was used as a tourist location Tanggo Rajo.

Rajo Tanggo
Rajo Tanggo historically built as in ancient times the king Jambi been anchored in this area. This area is located right alongside the river. Extensive tourist spot is only about 1.5 acres directly adjacent to the estuary Tebo market and for some people who are scattered in several villages along the river, the area is often used to place the boat waiting for the machine (Getek) which is used for river transport. Rajo Tanggo visited crowded when holidays and on market day (Friday and Tuesday). Unfortunately, facilities and existing facilities are not properly groomed and facilities are fairly limited. Outside this region we can see the trees grow tall. Beautiful atmosphere makes the atmosphere is quite comfortable. Large trees are decades old even thought there might be hundreds of years old. Distribution of scattered trees follow the roads that are here. Not far from this area we can also find tennis courts are no longer maintained, there are only a few groups of young men sometimes sport here.
Fort tuo (old fort relic Japan)
About 300 meters towards the west end of the promontory, there is an old castle complex that was established and used Japanese soldiers during the occupation. Former Japanese building marked by the shape of the building is still intact and the names of some buildings that are listed on the walls of the building using the Japanese vocabulary, for example Sakura. Old buildings were destroyed unkempt and overgrown shrubs. This complex longitudinal follow the direction of the Batang Hari river right behind the complex. Towards the south about 30 meters from the complex right in the tomb of Sultan Taha Syaifudin hero with an area of ​​about half an acre more.
Heroes Tomb of Sultan Taha Syaifudin
Sultan Taha seoarang Syaifudin is a national hero who came and fought in Jambi. According to history he died and was buried in Tebo. Tomb of Sultan Taha became one of the destinations, unfortunately not optimal treatment for these historical buildings that began to experience physical damage.

Estuary market Tebo (Dutch heritage) and historic legend
This traditional market is different from traditional markets in other cities. Existing building is still largely a colonial relic, made of wood and two-story buildings with a typical form of the Dutch and the Japanese made the city khasan history is still felt. there is a market west of the old mosque, the mosque used to call people around the water's edge. This mosque is where the story according to the spread of Islam in Muara Tebo. There are some religious leaders Islamic tomb in front of the mosque, usually visited by people from the plains, jambi and other cities for the pilgrimage.
Enjoy the exotic nature in Batang Hari river and Trunk Tebo.
For those of you who love nature and like adventure, traveling in the two watersheds is very challenging for the try. We can use the boat engine (getek) belongs to the people to get around to follow the flow of this river. Along the river we can enjoy the natural beauty and distinctive residential community by the river.

Tired of traveling in the town of Muara Tebo, to add to the atmosphere khasan Jambi province, you should try some typical foods Jambi. one of which must be in the try is Tempoyak. Tempoyak is fermented durian fruit, used in cooking with catfish and ikan2 captured from the Batang Hari river. For souvenirs, you can buy a souvenir and finished as a sign you've arrived at the town of Muara Tebo.
Access to transportation and lodging is very easy to get. In Muara Tebo already there are some decent hotels, travel agents, and the city is traversed by a causeway linking the Sumatra city of Jambi, Padang.

Sipin Lake, Jambi

One of the attractions that could be one destination to visit is the tourist area of ​​Lake Sipin. This tourist area is located not far from the center of Edinburgh. Only a 30 minutes from downtown, you've got to show off the natural beauty of the place.

This area is located at Simpang Buluran Recognize, Telanaipura District, City of Edinburgh. Precisely in addition to the Faculty of Medicine Unja. From the highway you have to see the sights of Lake Sipin magnificent.

The lake is a tourist area Sipin accentuate the natural beauty of the lake. You will feel comfortable in this place. Places that attract dozens of visitors, especially young people from the very crowded at 16.00 pm. For holiday visitors can of at 14.00 pm. You will enjoy the fresh air while looking at the scenery around the fabulous such as fishermen who are paddling the boat, and the existing houses on stilts across the lake. Attraction, every holiday is often found of road.
Usually visitors crowded the seats that have been offered by the management of this tour. As in the garden, or from the huts provided by the merchants. It is wonderful to see the views of the lake while tasting food sold in this area.
One trader said that the place is crowded tourist visited every afternoon. Interestingly here, this place can be used as recreation with family. Because the facility here quite complete, especially the evening cool environment and not far from downtown.

In this resort there are also boat rides. You can paddle your own boat with a lover or beloved family. Boat that you paddle across and around the lake, of course, you have to cross that line has been determined by the manager of the boat dock. To play this boat, you just spent money amounting to Rp 5 thousand / person. Each boat usually consist of three or four people.
"This boat rides recently opened after the Eid yesterday, so still relatively new, about 1 month. Visitors can paddle your own boat or use the services of workers. They circled Lake Sipin, of course, be guided through the pathways that we have provided

Rujak Cingur Surabaya

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Rujak Cingur is one of the traditional foods that are easily found in East Java, especially Surabaya region of origin. In the Java language the word "cingur" means "mouth", this refers to the material of the mouth or nose sliced ​​beef boiled and mixed into the dish. Rujak Cingur usually consists of several types of sliced ​​fruits such as cucumber, Krai (a type of cucumber typical East Java), bengkoang, young mango, pineapple, plus kedondong and rice cake, tofu, tempeh, and cingur bendoyo and vegetables such as sprouts / bean sprouts , spinach and beans. All the material was mixed with a sauce or condiment made ​​from processed shrimp paste, boiled water for a bit thin, sugar / brown sugar, chili, fried peanuts, fried onions, salt and thinly sliced ​​green banana seeds are still young (banana klutuk). All the sauce / seasoning mixed with diuleg way, that's why salad is also often called salad cingur pestle.

Rujak cingur divided into two kinds, namely the presentation of 'ordinary' and 'matengan' (refer to the letter e in the word matengan like calling the letter e in words like / call / bendoyo). Presentation of 'normal', or generally, of all the materials mentioned above, while the 'matengan' (mature, Java) consists of only cooked ingredients alone; rice cake, fried tofu, fried tempeh, bendoyo (a simmering Krai) and vegetable (kangkung, long beans, bean sprouts) which has been deliberated. With no material 'mentah'nya the fruit, because basically there are people who do not like fruit. Both use the sauce / seasoning the same.

These foods are called rujak cingur for processed spices used are shrimp paste and sliced ​​cingur. This is what distinguishes the food in general is usually salad without the use of materials such cingur. Cingur salad commonly served with additional crackers, and a base pincuk (banana leaf) or a plate.

Bungkul Parks In Surabaya

Bungkul parks located on Jalan Raya Darmo Surabaya, the park is located in an area approximately 900 square meters. Parks Bungkul such as  is the heart of Surabaya. The park is now a theme park for those who want to enjoy the green in the center of town. Some events are also frequent in the title of this park for entertainment or cultural activities. In the back garden, there are some stalls which offer typical menu Surabaya, as Rawon, Soto, meatballs and more. Parks hump crowded from morning till night and be part of Surabaya city that deserves to be proud of.
Since March 21, 2007, Park was inaugurated with the concept of cauliflower Sport, Education, and Entertainment. Besides, this park has various facilities, such as skateboarding and BMX bike track, jogging track, plaza (an open stage that can be used for live performance of various types of entertainment), wireless internet access (Wi-Fi or hotspot), public telephone, green arena park such as the fountain, Pujasera area and ready to drink tap water (KASM) is the newest facility at this time which was inaugurated by the Mayor of Surabaya on August 11, 2009.
The park is open to the public, every day from morning until evening, for Sunday morning is usually the place as a center Singgahan the bicycle community. Because one way that the enactment of the "car free day" (days with no motor vehicles) that have been implemented by the Government of Surabaya. And it still continues to develop this activity in several other streets in Surabaya.

Wisata Di Sukabumi

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kabupaten Sukabumi terletak lebih kurang 120 Km dari Jakarta atau sekitar dua setengah jam perjalanan dengan mobil pribadi. Tempat ini sangat mudah dicapai dari Jakarta, Bogor dan Bandung. Sukabumi memiliki wisata yang beraneka ragam, mulai dari wisata laut, pantai sampai wisata gunung. Beberapa obyek wisata yang menarik untuk dikunjungi wisatawan.
1. Wisata Pantai
Sukabumi memiliki bentangan Pantai sepanjang 117 km, di antaranya Pantai Cibangban yang berjarak 17 km dari Pelabuhan ratu. Pantai ini sangat indah karena memiliki ketenangan pantai bila dibandingkan dengan pantai-pantai lain yang berada di Palabuhan ratu, serta ditunjang oleh lingkungan panorama keindahan alam yang luar biasa. Keindahan Pantai Pelabuhan ratu akan lebih menakjubkan bila disaksikan sore hari saat terbenam matahari, terlebih pada waktu bulan purnama. Untuk dapat menyaksikan panorama sunset ini bisa dilihat dari pantai Karang Hawu. Untuk penginapan, di sepanjang pantai ini banyak tersedia penginapan yang menawarkan berbagai fasilitas, salah-satunya adalah Inna Samudra Beach Hotel.

2. Surfing
Palabuhan ratu memiliki banyak pantai dengan ombak yang sangat cocok untuk melakukan kegiatan selancar, antara lain Pantai Cimaja, Pantai Ombak Tujuh dan beberapa pantai lainnya. Kegiatan ini dapat dilakukan baik pagi maupun sore hari, karena angin yang terbaik untuk melakukan selancar biasanya mulai bertiup dari pukul sebelas pagi sampai dengan pukul empat sore. Biasanya musim yang terbaik untuk kegiatan selancar adalah pada bulan Mei sampai Oktober. Karang Hawu yang biasanya disebut memiliki pemandangan matahari terbenam yang indah, juga merupakan tempat selancar yang baik. Letaknya kurang lebih 2 km dari Cimaja, sedangkan di sebelah timur Cimaja terdapat Karangsari dengan ombak tidak terlalu besar merupakan tempat yang sangat cocok bagi pemula.
3. Arung Jeram
Sukabumi memiliki banyak sungai, di antaranya ada beberapa sungai yang sudah sangat terkenal dengan kegiatan arung jeram, seperti Sungai Citarik yang berada kurang lebih 30 Km dari Kota Sukabumi, sungai ini memiliki alur jeram terbaik dan mempunyai alur yang berliku-liku ke bawah dari gunung Halimun hingga kepesawahan dengan pemandangan hutan yang sangat indah dari kiri kanannya. Sungai lainnya yang biasa juga dipakai untuk Arung Jeram adalah sungai Cicatih dan sungai Cimandiri.

4. Upacara Tahunan
Upacara Tahunan para nelayan merupakan acara tradisi para nelayan di Palabuhanratu dalam rangka mengekspresikan rasa syukur kepada Tuhan Yang Maha Kuasa atas kenikmatan yang diperoleh mereka dari sumber kelautan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Acara ini dilaksanakan pada bulan April setiap tahunnya.

5. Wana Wisata Cangkuang
Wana Wisata Cangkuang merupakan obyek Wisata KPH Sukabumi yang memberikan nuansa alam yang khas di lereng Gunung Salak. Terletak dilereng Gunung Salak Desa Cidahu Kabupaten Sukabumi, dengan suasana alam yang segar dan alami sehingga memberikan suasana kesejukan dan ketenangan, sehingga sangat cocok untuk rekreasi keluarga, pelajar dan karyawan. Selain itu Wana Wisata Cangkuang juga sangat cocok untuk melaksanakan meeting perusahaan. Untuk pelajar dan pengunjung yang interest terhadap wisata petualangan pengelola telah menyiapkan camping ground dan hiking track untuk mencapai Kawah Ratu dan Air Terjun Dua Undak.

6. Wana Wisata Cipelang
Obyek Wisata Cipelang merupakan obyek wisata yang menawarkan suasana alam pegunungan dengan karakteristik yang khas, pengunjung dibawa kedalam suasana alam yang sulit untuk ditemui saat ini, apalagi dengan rutinitas suasana kota sangat kompleks, suasana obyek wisata KPH Sukabumi sangat cocok untuk menghilangkan penat setelah bekerja, juga untuk wisata keluarga, sangat baik untuk memberikan pelajaran tentang alam dan kehidupan. Terletak 15 Km ke arah utara kota Sukabumi di kaki gunung Gede dengan suhu berkisar 18-20oC dengan kelembaban rata-rata 17 %. Dengan area camping ground yang cukup luas, Wana Wisata Cipelang sangat cocok untuk kegiatan perkemahan untuk pelajar dan umum.

7. Wana Wisata Gua Buniayu
Gua Buniayu adalah gua alam yang terbentuk akibat pelarutan dan pengikisan air hutan terhadap lapisan batugamping di kawasan perbukitan yang terjadi selama ribuan tahun. Wana wisata ini terletak di Desa Kertaangsana Kecamatan Nyalindung Kabupaten Sukabumi ke arah Sagaranten, dengan suhu udara berkisar 20-28 derajat Celcius dengan curah hujan rata-rata 3.750 mm. Sukabumi dengan kekayaan obyek wisatanya, selalu menjadi daya tarik pengunjung. Sebenarnya masih banyak lagi obyek wisata lain yang menarik untuk dikunjungi. Wisatawan tinggal menentukan sendiri obyek wisata apa saja yang layak untuk dikunjungi

The Most Beautiful Places In ASIA

Gujarat state
Gujarat state is the most important place of production of cotton and salt. Also, Mahatma Gandhi, father of the nation of India, is Gujarati. Between 2005 and 2006, heavy rains brought by monsoon causing severe flooding and killed thousands of lives. It is estimated that climate change will bring the West India more storms and floods can not be predicted.

The Maldives is an archipelago, consisting of 1,200 islands in the Indian Ocean. The most well known for beautiful scenery: white beaches, swaying palm trees, colorful corals and abundant sunshine. 80 percent of the average height of the Maldives is less than one meter. If rising sea levels continue to change the global climate, this beautiful paradise might disappear under the sea sooner or later.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, located on the Chao Phraya Delta. The city is a center of politics, economy, culture and education of Thailand. Bangkok positioned low and always threatened by flooding during the rainy season. In addition, geological formation, urbanization and excessive exploitation of ground water produces rapid destruction of land in Bangkok. It is estimated that most of the city of Bangkok will be submerged below sea level until the end of this century.

Cherrapunji, India, 1290 meters above sea level, receives the majority of annual rainfall in the world. But 98 percent of local rainfall occurs from March to October every year, and only four months left, will be somewhat dry climate. There is no reservoirs for the storage of rain water in there. Also to global climate change recently, environmental pollution, deforestation and soil erosion, local people do not even get enough water to live in the dry season.

Komodo Island
Komodo Island in Indonesia is most famous for the clarity of the sea and tropical marine life is diverse, so be the Mecca of divers around the world. What else is known on the island of Komodo is the world's largest lizard - the Komodo. Rising sea levels are already threatening the existence of coastal mangrove forests and beaches. Meanwhile, acidification and changes in ocean water temperatures can kill coral around the island.

There are about 1,200 Red-crowned cranes living in the city of Kushiro Wetland Hokkaido, Japan. It is a paradise for rare breeding birds. large-scale hunting by human beings and rising sea levels, the Kushiro wetland is reduced year by year. Red-crowned crane and the habitat is also much reduced.

Sindhu river
Sindhu rivers originate from glaciers in the Himalayas and more than 3000 kilometers. This creates a jungle river, places and villages along the way, thus becoming an important source for irrigation. Shrinking glaciers and changes in the irregular rainfall could increase the local water shortage problem

Kalimantan (Borneo) Indonesia is the third largest island in the world. About 50 percent of the island is covered by primitive forests. And a variety of rare species live in this mysterious tropical forests. however, excessive logging, oil palm plantation expansion and construction of roads, causing the shrinking of tropical forests. global climate change also resulted in the extinction of the local flora and spread of malaria. High temperatures and dry also increases the danger of forest fires.

Siberian Altai
Altai mountains of southern Siberia biogeographic region is mountainous western Siberia. This region is the most complete sequence of vegetation zones in Siberia, begun from the pasture, forest, mixed forest, subalpine vegetation to alpine vegetation. The site is also an important habitat for rare animal species like snow leopard. Of the last century, temperatures in this area continues to increase, and the researcher that in the coming decades will threaten the unique ecological system.

Mount Qomolangma
Mount Qomolangma is the highest mountain on Earth above sea level, and the highest point of the earth. Various kinds of endangered rare animals inhabit here, including snow leopards, pandas also live on the lower side and so on. Scientists have claimed that about two-thirds of the glacier has melted. melting glaciers could lead to the expansion of glacial lakes that would lead to several natural disasters including floods and landslides.

The Most Beautiful Places In Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that is very beautiful, natural beauty stretching from Sabang to Merauke, diverse cultures together under one flag of red and white. one of my goals is to roam around the corner of the country, :-) and learn from nature and culture of our country is very diverse.
1. Lorentz National Park
Lorentz National Park is set as one of the world natural heritage site by UNESCO in 1999, is one of the three regions in the world that has snow in the tropics. Lorentz National Park is representative of the complete ecosystem for biodiversity in South East Asia and Pacific region. This area covers the mountains, beaches, lakes, jungle, etc. here too there is one of the seven highest peaks on seven continents (Seven Summits) is Carstensz, pyramid or by local communities in the call-Ndugu Ndugu (4884 masl). of the many indigenous tribes who live in this region, the tribe's most famous Asmat tribe. Lorentz National Park has so many interesting places to visit, but for access to the area is extremely difficult in addition to topography and rugged terrain, the region still has not been thoroughly mapped secarah there are still many places untouched by man.
2. Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat is the region with the richest natural resources in the tropical world, Raja Ampat is an archipelago, carrying 610 islands included in this region and around the 35 islands are inhabited. many say that the Raja Ampat is the best place in the world's marine tourism .. in addition to presenting outstanding scenery, access to the Raja Ampat fairly easy enough. Raja Ampat is widely available in the beach resort overlooks some incredible exotic .. some of which are managed by foreigners. Raja Ampat is also famous for its diving tour, a spectacular underwater scenery can be enjoyed by diving. we can also use a speedboat sailing and enjoying the natural beauty of the islands of Raja Ampat.
Lombok is included in West Nusa Tenggara Province, a small island presents so many stunning natural beauty .. wide variety of natural beauty we can meet, exotic beaches from Senggigi, Gili Trawangan underwater tours, sightseeing Niagara, to the lake at an altitude of 2000 masl (Segara Anak Gunung Rinjani National Park), at the foot of Mount Rinjani also contained an inland settlement Sasak tribe who still live in a way - the traditional way. the beauty of Lombok is famous in the world, almost rivaling the popularity of Bali as a tourist icon Indonesia.
Who does not know Bali? the island is even more famous than Indonesia itself .. while soccer star Christiano Ronaldo to visit Indonesia in the framework of a social visit after the tsunami disaster a few years ago he told me that initially he thought that Indonesia is a country near the island of Bali.
Bali island is famous for its natural beauty. the island is referred to as the island of Gods, where bersemayamnya the gods. although so many resorts in Bali, but the most famous tourist beaches .. starting from sunset beach of Kuta, Sanur Sunrise beach, Dreamland beach beauty, etc

5. Bromo Tengger Semeru National PARK
Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is a must place to visit, especially for tourists who love outdoor activities. This region presents a variety of stunning natural beauty .. Coban's call it the Rainbow (with flashes of rainbow waterfall that is always visible in the daytime), the Ocean Sand Mount Bromo, Sunrise Penanjakan, Coban Trident, etc. .. but the most beautiful is Mount Semeru, Semeru presents incredible scenery .. starting from Ranukumbolo (lake at an altitude of 2400 masl), savanna oro-oro Ombo, pine forests, flower-filled valleys Kalimati edelweiss, and of course the peak is so famous - Mahameru. Semeru is the highest mountain on the island of Java (3676 masl).

Three color lakes, that's one beauty of Flores presented the National Parks .. There are three lakes adjacent kelimutu, respectively - each of blue, red, and dark green. Flores is so beautiful lakes attract both domestic and foreign tourists. the color of the lake is also subject to change from dark green to black, from blue to brown, from light green to white, etc. .. depending on the mood of the mountain Flores .. hehehe .. three lakes in Kelimutu is believed by locals as a place bersemayamnya spirits of the dead man. name of each lake is Tiwu Mbupu Ata which means lake Old Soul People Who Died, second lake called Muri Koo Fai Tiwu Nuwa or Young Life Lake-Mudi The Dead, and the last lake called Lake Tiwu Ata Polo or for the Soul Humans who do evil.

7. Ujung Kulon National Park
National Park Ujung Kulon identical with Javan, is in the Java rhino habitat is live and breed, TN Ujung Kulon has three types of marine ecosystems are aquatic ecosystems, coastal and terrestrial ecosystems. here we can see a variety of stunning natural beauty .. coasts of Ujung Kulon in TN provides a stunning beauty, but there are also other interesting places such as hot springs, waterfalls, etc.. we can also enjoy an exotic underwater scenery, or by renting sailing boats and speedboats to visit the islands in the Ujung Kulon TN.

8. Way Kambas National Park
Way Kambas National Park is located in Lampung Province, an area inhabited by various species of animals are protected as Sumatran elephants, Sumatran tiger, Sumatran rhino, Asian Wild Dog, Tapir, etc. This area is known as an African safari tour was Indonesia, we will enter a vast savanna region and watch the wild animals living in the wild directly.
9. Derawan
Like Raja Ampat, Derawan including one of the best in the world of nautical tourism, the island eksotisan Derawan already so well known in foreign countries. Derawan islands included in the Derawan Islands in the province of East Kalimantan. here we can enjoy the beauty of the beach, and doing all sorts of activities such as diving, snorkeling, or just enjoy the scenery while fishing.

10. Bunaken National Park
Bunaken National Park or more in the know as the Bunaken marine park is located in the Village of Bunaken, District of Bunaken, Manado. Bunaken Marine Park is one of the Beautiful in the World, and various species of fish and coral reefs in Bunaken Marine Park, making it so beautiful .. in Bunaken you can dive, snorkel, or sail a boat wearing a fitted glass on the floor so that we can enjoy the underwater sights from the boat.

Beautiful Places On Earth

You find out the most beautiful places of the world? Well here you will get interesting in the world of travel information and tourist attractions in the world's most preoccupied. The most amazing place you must visit while you are still alive logh,,, of course, if you want the most beautiful places in this world you have to spend a lot. The most beautiful sights in the world is so craved by the people in Indonesia in particular.
Amazon Rainforest, also known as Amazonia, the Amazon jungle or the Amazon Basin, encompasses seven million square kilometers (1.7 billion acres), though the forest itself occupies some 5.5 million square kilometers (1.4 billion acres), located in nine countries. Amazon represents over half of the remaining rainforest on the planet and consists of the largest channels and the most species-rich tropical rainforest in the world. The Amazon River is the largest river in the world by volume, with a total river flow greater than ten in the world combined.
2. Angel Falls (Venezuela)
Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall in the world, with an altitude of 1002 m, and Canaima National Park is located in Bolivar, Venezuela along the border with Brazil. Tejun water has more than 19 times higher than Niagara Falls.
3. Bay of Fundy (Canada)
Bay of Fundy is famous for the highest tides on the planet (16.2 meters or 53 feet). One hundred billion tonnes of seawater flows in and out of the Bay of Fundy twice a day - more water than the combined flow of all rivers of the world's fresh water. Fundy's extreme tide makes marine ecosystems are dynamic and diverse. The bay is famous for its coastal rock formations, extreme tidal effects (vertical, horizontal, rafting and boring) and sustainable coastal development. It is also an internationally important foraging for migratory birds, habitat for whales living Rights rare and endangered species, one of the world's plants and animals of the most significant fossil discovery area. Bay of Fundy is located between the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia on the east coast of North America.
4. Dead Sea (Israel, Jordan, Palestine)
The Dead Sea is a salt lake between the West Bank / Palestine / Israel and Jordan west to east. At 420 meters below sea level, its shores are the lowest point on earth in the dry land. With 30 percent salinity, it is 8.6 times saltier than the ocean.
5. Greet Barrier Reef (Australia, Papuanugini)
Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system on the planet, with about 3,000 individual reefs and 900 islands stretching for 2,600 km over an area of ​​approximately 344 400 square km. This is the biggest single structure made by living things and can be seen from space.
6. Iguazu Falls (Argentina, Brazil)
Iguazu Falls, in Iguazu River, is one of the largest waterfalls in the world. They extend over 2,700 m (nearly 2 miles) in a semicircle. Of the 275 falls that collectively make up Iguassu Falls, "Devil's Throat" was the highest at 80 m height. Iguazu Falls is located on the border between Brazil ParanĂ¡ state and the province of Misiones Argentina, and is surrounded by two National Parks (BR / ARG). Both temperate forests are host to hundreds of rare and endangered flora and fauna.

Taman Kasang Kulim, Pekanbaru

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Setengah jam waktu yang dibutuhkan dalam perjalanan dari pusat Kota Pekan baru menuju Taman Wisata dan Margasatwa Kasang Kulim, Pekanbaru, Riau. Anda akan diajak menembus Jalan Kaharuddin Nst. Sesampai di persimpangan kawasan Pasir Putih, terus menyusuri jalan yang lurus. Di Simpang Kubang Raya,  berbelok ke kanan.

Sampai di tujuan, Anda akan disambut gerbang de­ngan replika patung gajah dan relief-relief di salah satu din­ding, menggambarkan se­orang gadis yang melepaskan ber­bagai jenis satwa semisal ga­jah, harimau, singa, rusa, je­rapah, orangutan, kanguru dan je­nis unggas menu­ju kapal ke­berang­katan. Di relief beri­kut­­­nya, sebuah taman satwa me­nung­gu kapal tersebut berla­buh.
Taman Marga Satwa Kasang Kulim adalah satu-satunya kebun binatang yang terdapat di kota  Pekanbaru. Sebagaimana kebun binatang lainnya Kasang Kulim dihuni beberapa hewan yang layak dikunjungi seperti: Burung, Harimau, Singa, Gajah, Orang utan, Beruang, Rusa, Ular, Kuda Nil ( Primadona Kasang Kulim), Buaya, Kera, Monyet dan yang lainnya. In Kasang Kulim Zoo
Kebun binatang Kasang Kulim ini berlokasi di Desa Kubangraya, Kec. Siak Hulu, dapat dicapai dari pusat kota Pekanbaru dengan kendaraan roda dua dalam waktu tempuh 15 menit. Lokasi terhampar dilahan seluas 17 hektar yang didukung dengnan fasilitas yang memadai. Seperti tempat parkir yang luas, taman bermain anak-anak, kolam renang, panggung untuk pertunjukan (lho, nggak ngamuk tuh harimaunya), kolam hias dan lain-lain.
Penamaan taman margasatwa ini sendiri diambil dari tempat asal berdirinya yang dulu merupakan tempat untuk berladang "Kasang". Saat liburan kunjungan diatas 500 orang dan hari-hari biasa hanya 50 hingga 200 pengunjung. Untuk hiburan lebih bagi para pengunjung diwaktu-waktu tertentu, pengelola menggelar panggung hiburan, bahkan mendatangkannya dari Padang, Medan dan Jakarta.
Berdiri sejak tahun 1991, Kebun Binatang Kasang Kulim terus direnovasi oleh pengelo­lanya, Desprianto.  Secara turun temurun, Desprianto me­warisi hobi orangtuanya yang mencintai binatang. Di tanah seluas 14 hektare, ada sekitar 20 jenis binatang yang dirawat di sana. Mulai dari siamang, macam akar, ular sanca, buaya,  be­ruang madu, gajah, rusa, landak, kuda, singa, kuda nil, sampai pelbagai jenis unggas.
Meskipun dalam tahap reno­vasi, Desprianto berharap peme­rintah dapat memberikan perha­tian dan pembinaan terhadap kebun binatang yang dikelolanya. Di luar jenis binatang yang merupakan warisan orangtua dan sum­bangan masyarakat, Kebun Binatang Kasang Kulim juga tergabung dalam Persatuan Kebun Binatang Seluruh Indo­nesia (PKBSI) dan di bawah naungan BKSDA, sehingga Desprianto mendapat bantuan binatang dengan sistem barter. Pada Sab­tu dan Minggu, dok­ter dari Dinas Pe­ternakan datang mengecek kon­disi bina­tang di Kebun Bina­tang Ka­sang Kulim. Cua­ca buruk dan kela­laian petugas men­jadi pe­nentu kehi­du­pan satwa yang ada di dalam­nya.

Bali Tourism

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bali, who named another island, save the charm of beauty, including works of art such as carvings, paintings, and sculpture. A highly distinctive culture enhanced with natural scenery, including the most famous nautical charm, call it Kuta Beach, Sanur, and the panorama of Tanah Lot. The third location of coastal tourism, the name is already worldwide so it is always crowded domestic and foreign tourists. Bored with the beach area that is plain, tourists can choose other marine tourism, such as Lovina Beach, Singaraja is located on the northern tip of the island of Bali, or to the south end with a dream land that has not been widely known to tourists.

There are three small islands called the dream land, precisely located in the southeast of Bali. In addition to Nusa Penida is already well known, there is also the island of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan offering nautical charm with a quiet atmosphere. Cluster of three islands that are part of Klungkung regency of the island is separated by Badung Strait. In Nusa Penida map is only clearly defined because it is the largest island among the three islands in the southeast of Bali. Nusa Lembongan lies the closest to the island of Bali, Nusa Ceningan while in the middle between Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan.

These three islands that enrich the marine tourist sites included in the District of Bali Nusa Penida, Klungkung. To achieve these islands can be through Sanur at Denpasar, or by crossing from Tribuana and Kusamba in Klungkung, or dock Padangbai in Karangasem. Even some people also crossed the island directly from the attack. And if lucky, to cross to the island can also be anywhere along the coast through the entire London-Levin, as far as there are fishermen or service crossings.

To be able to use the speed boat to cross or boats (motor boat). If crossing with a speed boat, as the name suggests, is to reach the mainland will be faster, not more than 30 minutes. While the boats will take approximately one hour travel time. For those who want to linger a better pick because of the way boats are relatively more slowly. Travel by speed boat or jungkung will see the rippling blue water, and when it approached the islands will see a lot of women and men standing on a small boat or bathing on the beach. They are seaweed farmers. In addition to busy farmers welcomed sight, there also lay green mangroves. However, dense mangrove forests that still exist only in a few places, like next to the eastern tip of the island of Lembongan, precisely in the Village Jungutbatu. Thickness of mangrove forests in places it was actually far from ideal, only about 500 meters.
"In the waters of Nusa Penida currently existing dock for cruise ships stop by one run, which also operates a private cruise on the island of Nusa Lembongan hotel. With the hotel being developed privately, the island of Nusa Lembongan is more crowded than the other islands.
While for the inland tourist attractions are still minimal. One unique attractions can be found on the island of Lembongan, namely the dugout Goa Gala. A resident's home in the village of Lembongan Lembongan island's southeastern tip, developed into a tourist spot after a few tourists to come and interested in its uniqueness. If you love cycling, especially mountain biking, the location is perfect. With the topography of the rise and fall according to the shape of a hilly island, travelers can enjoy the warm sun on the island as he walked down the street berilalang. The streets of the island is still narrow and surrounded by palm trees.

Another beauty will be found when crossing one island to another, still in around three islands, namely shallow marine biota. With clear water in it will be seen peraian seagrass beds, coral reefs, and if lucky a few fish will be seen there.
Shortly after the escape from the island of Nusa Penida Island will look Ceningan. In the waters between Pulau Ceningan northwestern and southeastern Lembongan Island lies a bridge with a length of nearly 500 meters. Semigantung yellow bridge is the only access between Ceningan and Lembongan island, without going through the water.

Wisata Air Terjun Les, Buleleng Bali

Air Terjun Les ini terletak di Desa Les Kecamatan Tejakula,± 38 km timur dari Kota Singaraja. Air Terjun ini mencapai tinggi kurang lebih 30 meter yang dikelilingi oleh pemandangan alam yang masih alami dengan latar belakang perbukitan. Keindahan dan keunikan panoramanya mampu menarik wisatawan untuk berkunjung menikmati objek wisata Air Terjun Les. Air Terjun Les memiliki nama lain yang unik yaitu Air Terjun Yeh Mempeh yang artinya Air Terbang.  Air terjun ini letaknya memang cukup jauh, baik dari Denpasar atau Singaraja. Dari Singaraja, jaraknya sekitar 38 km, dari Kintamani jaraknya sekitar 40 km, dan dari Denpasar jaraknya sekitar 95 km.

Keunikan serta keindahan panorama disekitar Air Terjun Les dikarenakan dikelilingi oleh perbukitan yang hijau. Bukan hanya itu, didekat Air Terjun Les juga terdapat mata air yang bernama Toya Anakan. Warga setempat menyucikan mata air itu karena sering dipergunakan untuk sarana upacara. Keunikan lainnya yaitu jalan menuju ke objek wisata Air Terjun Les medannya cukup sulit dan cukup jauh dengan berjalan kaki sekitar 2 km, namun wisatawan bisa menikmati keindahan panorama alam dan suara gemercik air terjun yang disuguhkan selama perjalanan. Mandi di bawah guyuran Air Terjun Les menjadi kegiatan yang sangat menyenangkan karena bisa menghilangkan rasa lelah wisatawan setelah menempuh perjalanan panjang mencapai air terjun ini. Jika Anda tidak ingin mandi atau berbasah-basah, Anda juga bisa duduk-duduk saja di atas bebatuan di sekitar air terjun, menikmati pemandangan indah dan udara yang segar bebas polusi.

Island Weh, Sabang Indonesia

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sabang is a small town located on the Island of Weh, an island at the westernmost tip of Indonesia. The distance is about 14 miles or 22.5 km from Banda Aceh that can be taken for about 2 hours by boat Fery, and 45 minutes by speed boat. Beautiful sea garden is very famous. The Government, through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, set Sabang (Weh Island) as a national tourist destination.
Beautiful beaches and unspoiled marine park is breathtaking, a magnet and haven for foreign and domestic tourists who like to dive (diving). Marine animals such as manta rays, sharks, whales, dolphins, turtles and other marine animals, it can easily be found in the waters around the town of Sabang. Experienced divers and dive instructors ready to guide the tourists to enjoy the beauty of marine parks that are there. Accommodations such as hotels, cafes and restaurants are available. Culiner Park in Kuta Village West, the best location for those wishing to sample the culinary Aceh, Sabang special culinary city. A hobby of fishing, marine waters around the island Rondo, is the right location.
At the end of the island of Weh, there is a monument or memorial, the monument Kilometer Zero. This monument is the starting point for calculating the area of ​​Indonesia from Sabang to Meuroke. The distance from the center of Sabang, about 15 km, with a road trip. On the way to Monument Kilometer Zero, we will pass Gapang Coast, beaches and coastal or island Iboih Rubiah. On the island of Weh, there is also a volcano. According to the history of Aceh, Weh island, formerly connected with the mainland island of Sumatra. But apart from the eruption of Mount berapai the Pleistocene era. Below a depth of 9 feet near the town of Sabang, the tourists can watch the brave dive underwater volcanoes.

Bunut Bolong, Denpasar Bali

Bunut Bolong, located in the village Manggisari, District Pekutatan, Jimbaran. Located about 11 km north of Denpasar's main street - Gilimanuk, 86 km from Denpasar. Bunut Bolong is sacred and unique tree that has a hole in the trunk and is located right on the street. Bunut Bolong own name was given because of the unique characteristics possessed by this tree. The word "Bunut" is the word Bali for certain tree species that have characteristics similar to the banyan, and the word "Bolong" means "hole", thus the word "Bunut Bolong" means Bunut trees with holes in it. As an important fact, this sacred tree has a large hole on the bottom, so large that the road can pass through the hole diameter and can accommodate up to two cars side by side. Bunut Bolong also has a strong magical aura, which is believed by all the people who live around this tree.
This sacred tree is located on the hills on the east side, flanked by oil of cloves, as well as on the west side there is a canyon with forests that are well maintained with lush tropical plants and green. This place can be addressed by using a car or motorcycle.
There is a shrine on the side of the road. Temple around the sacred tree is known as a poet Shakti Temple, which was established to honor a wise Hindu Maha Guru, Mantra Sidhi Dang Hyang, who happened to pass through this area hundreds of years ago. On the west side there is a vast forest that stretches from south to north, is really a very interesting sight to be enjoyed. If standing around Bunut Bolong, we will also be able to see the clove plantations in the vicinity.

Bunut Bolong as one tourist destination, is still in a very natural condition. There is no parking, restrooms, restaurants and souvenir shops. The fresh air and calm conditions in Bunut Bolong will make the tourists who visit to feel relaxed and peaceful. For now, Bunut Bolong frequented by domestic tourists but also foreign tourists visit this place sometimes, but not as much as domestic tourists. Bunut Bolong is a great place for those of you who want to visit an unspoiled tourist destination and away from the crowds.

Pantai Mutun, Lampung

Pantai Mutun terletak di Bandar Lampung, Lampung. Untuk mengunjungi pantai ini, Anda harus menempuh jarak sekitar 25 km dari Bandar Lampung. Di samping kiri kanan menuju Pantai Mutun, pepohonan yang hijau menjadi penghias dari jalanan. Sebuah petunjuk di jalan utama akan menjadi penanda jika Anda harus berbelok untuk mencapai pantai ini. Dari jalan raya, jalan tanah dengan bebatuan harus dilewati untuk mencapai Pantai ini. Jarak yang harus ditempuh tidak terlalu jauh, hanya sekitar 1 km.

Setelah membayar tiket masuk, kini Anda dapat menikmati suasana pantai yang ramai. Naik perahu, kano, banana boat atau renang adalah aktivitas mengasyikan yang biasa dilakukan di pantai, termasuk di pantai ini. Aktivitas memancing bersama keluarga atau untuk menyalurkan hobi juga dapat dilakukan di tempat ini. Peralatan memancing atau perahu dapat disewa untuk melakukan aktivitas ini. Yang menarik dari Pantai Mutun adalah pasir pantai yang putih, berbeda dengan pantai yang ada di sebagian pulau Jawa. Jadi jika Anda ingin menikmati pantai dengan pasirnya yang putih, Pantai Mutun dapat menjadi salah satu pilihan, mengingat lokasinya yang tidak terlalu jauh untuk pengunjung yang berasal dari Jakarta atau daerah Jawa Barat yaitu di Lampung.

Air lautnya bersih dan jernih menarik banyak mengunjung untuk bermain di pantai. Ombak laut di Pantai Mutun cukup tenang sehingga cukup aman untuk pengunjung yang ingin menceburkan diri di laut. Jika Anda hanya ingin bersantai-santai, ada gubuk-gubuk yang untuk berteduh yang biasa digunakan pengunjung untuk duduk-duduk atau tidur-tiduran ditiup angin pantai yang sepoi-sepoi. Anda juga dapat merasakan ketenangan karena air laut yang biru dan jernih serta hamparan pasir putih ditambah hijaunya pulau yang ada di seberang pantai ini membentuk pemandangan alam yang indah yang layak dikunjungi. 
Tidak jauh dari pantai ini terdapat pulau Tangkil yang terlihat hijau dan terasa asri. Untuk mendatangi pulau ini, Anda dapat naik perahu dengan membayar biaya per orang. Tidak dibutuhkan waktu terlalu lama untuk berkunjung ke Pulau Tangkil. Anda dapat beristirahat dengan lebih nyaman karena suasana yang rimbun dan cukup hening di pulau ini. Air laut juga lebih bersih sehingga cocok untuk berenang, bahkan Anda dapat melihat ikan-ikan yang berenang di dekat pantai. Setelah lelah melakukan aktivitas di pantai, Anda dapat mencicip makanan dari tempat makan yang ada di pantai ini.

Kawah Putih, Jawa Barat

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kawah Putih adalah terletak di Gunung Patuha tak jauh dari Ciwidey yang kira kira berjarak 40 km sebelah selatan kota Bandung. Perjalanan dari Soreang ke Ciwidey hari itu cukup padat. Begitu sampai di Ciwidey, banyak sekali tanaman strawberry. Kalau mau, Anda bisa beli dengan memetik sendiri. Selain strawberry juga terlihat beberapa restoran khas Sunda seperti misalnya Saung Sawah dan Sindang Reret. Disitu kita bisa menikmati nasi timbel dengan lauknya yang sedap yang bisa berupa ikan dan ayam goreng atau bakar, daging gepuk, karedok, sayur asem, segala macam pepesan dan sambal lengkap dengan lalapannya.

Perjalanan dari Ciwidey ke Kawah Putih cukup menanjak dan di beberapa tempat sayang sekali jalannya cukup rusak berlubang lubang. Sesampainya di Kawah Putih, mobil di parkir ditempat parkir yang sekelilingnya penuh dengan warung warung makan dan penjual buah buahan. Perjalanan dengan jalan kaki dari tempat parkir ke kawah cukup bagus, pendek dan mudah.

Dari jauh, Anda dapat melihat air kawah yang berwarna hijau turquoise muda. Warna air kawah ini bisa berubah menjadi kecoklatan atau keputihan tertutup kabut. Tanah dan bebatuan sekitar kawah yang berwarna putih membuat mata pilau dan berkaca kaca. Bau belerang-nya tidak terlalu menusuk hidung, namun kadang kadang berbau seperti durian.

Pada zaman Belanda dulu, ditempat ini terdapat sebuah pabrik belerang yang dikenal dengan nama Swavel Ontgining Kawah Putih. Dizaman Jepang pabrik belerang ini diberi nama Kawah Putih Kenzanka Yokoya Ciwidey yang mendapat pengawasan langsung dari militer Jepang. Sejak tahun 1991 Pemerintah Daerah bersama dengan Perum Perhutanan Unit III Jawa Barat dan Banten mengembangkan Kawah Putih ini sebagai Ecoturism Wana Wasta Kawah Putih. Walau dibeberapa tempat jalanan berlubang dan berbatu, pemandangan indah disekitar kawah ini begitu mempesona, membuat perjalanan ini berkesan.

Ancient City

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dunia mengenal sejumlah situs-situs kota yang telah ditinggalkan penghuninya. Situs-situs purbakala ini tersebar di seluruh negara. Mereka merefleksikan kebesaran kebudayaan dan pencapaian manusia yang hidup di masanya. Ada yang di masa prasejarah, ada yang sudah masuk masa sejarah.

Petra, Yordania: Inilah istana yang dipahat di sebuah bukit batu. Diperkirakan manusia menghuni Petra sejak abad ke-2 Masehi. Dalam foto National Geographic ini, bangunannya disebut sebagai El-Deir. Arkeolog menyimpulkan bangunan ini dahulunya sebagai kuil pemujaan, sebelum berubah menjadi gereja atau biara.

Machu Picchu, Peru: Sebuah kota di atas gunung. Penemuannya menghebohkan dunia arkeologi. Padahal ia baru ditemukan 100 tahun lalu. Hingga saat ini arkeolog masih belum pasti apa fungsi kota Macchu Picchu ini. Sebab bangsa India Inca yang membangunnya tidak memiliki budaya tulis menulis dan tidak ada tinggalan tertulis.

Palenque, Meksiko: Inilah kota besar bangsa Indian Maya yang pertama. Terletak di tengah hutan lebat di tenggara Meksiko. Berbatasan dengan Guatemala. Diperkirakan bangsa Maya sudah menghuni Palenque sejak 3000 tahun lalu. Sepanjang sejarahnya, Maya lantas membangun kota besar lainnya seperti Tikal yang masuk kategori kota kosmopolitan di masanya.

Troya, Turki: Salah satu kota kuno yang paling terkenal dalam sejarah. Kota Troya diselimuti misteri, legenda, dan intrik. Apalagi ia muncul dalam cerita Illiad oleh pujangga Yunani, Homer. Tinggalan kota Troya ditemukan di sebelah barat laut Turki pada abad ke 19 oleh arkeolog Jerman, Heinrich Schliemann. Ia menggali di kota Hisarlik, malah menemukan Troya. Situs Troya ternyata bukan situs tunggal. Kotanya dibangun di atas kota lain. Tercatat ada sembilan kota berbeda di dalam satu situs yang sudah berumur sekitar 5000 tahun ini.
Mohenjo Daro, Pakistan: Salah satu kota tertua di Asia dan di dunia. Mohenjo Daro berkembang karena dialiri Sungai Indus. Ia ditemukan pada 1921. Saudara kembar kota ini, yang juga tua, adalah Harappa. Umur kota ini diperkirakan mencapai 4.500 tahun. Ia berdagang dengan kota kuno lainnya, Mesopotamia.

Palmyra, Siria: Kota ini dikenal juga sebagai nama Tadmor. Kota ini masih pegang peranan penting hingga abad-19. Para pedagang sejak 300 Masehi sudah singgah ke Palmyra untuk beristirahat sebelum meneruskan perjalanan ke Mesopotamia dan Persia. Letaknya yang strategis membuat kota ini dijajah bangsa Romawi di awal Masehi.

Tanis, Mesir: Kota Tanis termasuk salah satu kota paling misterius di dunia. Ia pernah menjadi ibu kota Mesir kuno. Di kota inilah salah satu temuan arkeologi paling heboh berada, yaitu mumi keluarga kerajaan Mesir. Temuan ini sejajar berharganya dengan temuan mumi Tutankhamun.

Great Enclosure, Zimbabwe: Kota di Afrika ini sering disebut sebagai salah astu kota yang muncul dalam berbagai kitab suci. Tempat Ratu Sheba. Arkeolog masih belum dapat menyimpulkan sejauh mana peranan dan fungsi kota yang ditinggalkan penghuninya ini. Bukti-bukti sementara menghasilkan kota ini dibangun oleh suku Shona, suku leluhur suku Bantu sekitar 1.250 tahun lalu. Kota ini dikabarkan sebagai pusat kota pemujaan.

Nimrud, Irak: Terletak di utara Irak, kota ini menjadi ibu kota Kerajaan Asiria. Bangsa yang ditakuti pada masanya karena kejam dan haus darah. Selalu menjajajh kota-kota di sekitarnya. Asiria muncul di catatan sejarah pada abad-14 sebelum Masehi. Mereka mendominasi wilayah Irak-Iran-Turki dan sekitarnya. Perebutan wilayah dengan negara tetangganya, Babilonia, membuat Nimrud perlahan-lahan ditinggalkan warga sekitar 612 sebelum Masehi. Warga pindah ke kota Nineveh.

Persepolis, Iran: Salah satu kota kuno terbesar dan berpengaruh dalam sejarah dunia. Persepolis adalah ibu kota dari Kerajaan Persia. Saking besarnya kerajaan Persia, mereka punya empat ibu kota. Persepolis dibangun pada 520 sebelum Masehi. Kota ini dibangun dengan arsitektur yang megah dan rumit. Dihiasi perak dan emas. Pahatan-pahatan kualitas tinggi ada di tiap tinggalan. Persepolis dan Persia jatuh ditaklukan Aleksander Agung. Ia membakar kota ini hingga rata dengan tanah. Sekarang sisa-sisanya masih bisa dinikmati di Iran.

Stonehenge, Inggris: Sudah ratusan tahun arkeolog mencoba mengartikan apa makna dibalik tumpukkan batu Stonehenge. Tapi tetap saja misteri masih menyelimuti tumpukkan batu simetris ini.

Mesa Verde, Amerika Serikat: Di bukit ini, sebanyak 600 lubang menyerupai sumur dibuat oleh bangsa Indian Pueblo atau dikenal juga dengan sebutan Anasazi. Mereka hidup sejak 550 sebelum Masehi. Mereka membangun rumah di bukti batu ini. Rumah terbesar yang dibangun bisa menampung hingga 250 orang.

Turtle Island At Tanjung Benoa, Bali

Turtle Island is a small island at Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua, Bali. This island is unique because here do the breeding and preservation of some species of sea turtles. The number of turtle breeding population reaches 30 individuals. Of which are still undergoing a period of hatching eggs, until the big turtles aged 65 years. Many tourists visit the island, with a Boat ride for fifteen minutes are up on this island.

Elongated islands covering an area of ​​about three hectares, located adjacent to the village of Benoa. The distance can vary depending on the ebb and flow of sea water. At low tide to 25 minutes travel time. Meanwhile, when the tide is only 15 minutes. With a capacity of 10 people, round trip boat transportation was led to visit the coral reefs with diverse marine fish. You can enjoy the beauty of the fish and coral reefs due to boat is designed glass insert in the bottom (glass botton boat). Armed with bread crumbs or leftover bread you can fish up to the surface to watch more closely.

In captivity these visitors also found the python, sea eagles are benign pose with you if you want to take photos, rangkok birds, and other giants kelewawar-lan. Some souvenirs with the model of tortoise-shell turtle and sold here. You can also enjoy the fresh young coconut and other soft drinks.

Kelenteng Petak Sembilan

Jakarta has a hundred more Kelenteng. One was an old kelenteng Jin De Yuan in the area of ​​Old Chinatown, Glodok, West Jakarta. This kelenteng was built in 1650 by a Chinese named Luitnant Hoen Kwee and named Koan or mean Teng Pavilion lm lm Koan. In 1755, this kelenteng restored Captain Tjhie Oei and named Kim Tek Ie or the Golden kelenteng of Virtue. Kim Tek Ie stood on a land area of ​​3000 square meters. Including large coal or Tay Bio as exists at several buildings. Now the temple is still standing strong, named Vihara Dharma Bhakti, but people often call it Nine plots.

Nine plots walled kelenteng. The main door is located on the southern gate of the red dragon. Left of the gate there are three buildings that lined the kelenteng. On the second page of the main kelenteng there is a south facing following two lions (Gu Shi Bao) is said to have originated from Kwangtung Province, South China. Nine major buildings dominated by the red plot. The roof of the building is curved upwards, decorated with dragons. Inside the room there are dozens of big movies, adult body height and hundreds of small candles are lit. The smell of incense smoke scattered distinctive aroma to the room. On the left side of the main building the rooms are former monks. While in the back right corner of the page there is a bell made in 1825 the oldest of all the bells kelenteng in Jakarta.

Ahead of Lunar New Year celebration, usually in the kelenteng officials are busy cleaning the iron fence and repainted with red paint. This kelenteng is never empty of visitors, especially the Chinese community who want to pray. Many of the pilgrims and tourists who come while looking ritual activities of visitors. The beauty and uniqueness of this kelenteng, is also often used as the object of shooting enthusiasts fotograpi and music video filming location. Besides the kelenteng, before the Chinese New Year festivities are felt when we were in nine plots in the area of ​​Market Glodok, West Jakarta. Prior 10 days before the Lunar Many residents of Chinese descent from all over Jakarta come to this market to buy supplies typical of celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Ahead of Lunar New Year, some snacks and knick-knacks that sells Chinese New Year. Lunkhead typical basket of cakes wrapped in leaves China or plastic, much sought after buyer. Moreover, the seller packed cardboard cake-basket with beautiful red kardsus. Much sought after cake basket buyers because in addition to eat alone and delivered to relatives as well to pray.

Assorted dry sweets such as kana, plum fruit and sweetened orange peel is also widely sold in this market. There are yet some are already packed in a sealed cardboard packaging. Foods that taste sweet like candy and sweets are also sought a buyer. Chinese people regard it as a symbol of the sweet life. Therefore both light snack is often served at Chinese New Year to celebrate the new year brings sweetness. Lunar typical fruit is also the target buyer, such as citrus, lychee and plum fruit. Citrus fruits, especially citrus mandarin, grapefruit Io and also hired a lot of buyers. Oranges are considered Chinese citizens as a fruit that symbolizes brotherhood and harmony.

Nine plots were in the market in advance before the Chinese New Year, among the crowd of sellers and buyers, clearly giving its own nuances. This market presents a different atmosphere compared to other traditional markets. A row of lanterns and Lunar typical trinkets other traders sold red on the left side of the road, as if we were bringing in one corner of a crowd in China.

National Marine Park of Bunaken

Friday, March 9, 2012

Bunaken National Park is representative of the ecosystem of a tropical forest ecosystem of mangroves, coral reef, and land/coastal ecosystems. It is located at North Sulawesi about 15 km from Manado city with a friendly people.
The waters of Bunaken Marine are extremely deep (1566 m in Manado Bay), clear (up to 35-40 m visibility), refreshing in temperature (27-29 C) and harbor some of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world. Pick any of group of interest - corals, fish, echinoderms or sponges - and the number of families, genera or species is bound to be astonishingly high. Has recorded 13 genera of living coral and approximately 91 species of fish found in the waters of Bunaken National Park, such as fish of gusumi horse (Hippocampus kuda), white oci (Seriola rivoliana), lolosi yellow tail (Lutjanus kasmira), goropa (Ephinephelus spilotoceps and Pseudanthias hypselosoma), ila gasi (Scolopsis bilineatus) , and others. Type moluska like giant kima (Tridacna gigas), the goat (Cassis cornuta), hollow nautilus (Nautilus pompillius), and tunikates/ascidian. The park has around 70 genera of corals; compare this to a mere 10 in Hawaii. Although the exact number of fish species is unknown, it may be slightly higher than in the Philippines, where 2,500 species, or nearly 70% of all fish species known to the Indo-western Pacific, are found.

The beautiful of Bunaken marine has identified at many years ago by the divers, but the Indonesian government just announce officially in October 1991 as National Marine Parks Tourism and Conservation areas in Indonesia. In the North Bunaken National Park consists of Bunaken island, Manado Tua island, Montehage island, Siladen island, Nain island, Nain Small island, and some of Tanjung Pisok coastal areas. While in the South include some Tanjung Kelapa coastal.

The tourists can dive down to see the beautiful of Bunaken bottom sea. Dives location are limited in each of beaches, more or less any 20 point dive (Dive spot) and 12 point of them in the vicinity of Bunaken Island is often visited by divers and bottom sea beauty lovers. On the island there is underwater great walls, also called the hanging walls or walls of a giant coral with vertical standing and vaulted to the top. coral wall is also a source of food for fish in the waters around Bunaken Island.

How to reach the location:
Bunaken National Park can be achieved through from Manado port, Marina Nusantara Diving Center (NDC) in the Molas subdistrict and Marina Blue Banter. From Manado port to the Siladen island need around 20 minutes by motor boat, to Bunaken Island around 30 minutes, to Montehage island around 50 minutes and to Nain island around 60 minutes. From Marina Blue Banter to the Bunaken island tourist area will need within 10-15 minutes by yacht, meanwhile from NDC port will need around 20 minutes to the dives location in Bunaken island by speed boat.

Best season visit: May till in August each of year. Don't miss it.

Klayar & Watu Karung Beach, Pacitan

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Klayar beach is one beach which is located in the district Pacitan (East Java), precisely in the district Donorojo. The beach is still beautiful because not too many who visit this beach. Klayar beach can be reached from the main road Pracimantoro - Pacitan, turn right (follow the signs direction), from there to reach the beach Klayar still approximately 20 km. You have to be careful, because some parts of the road to the beach Klayar lot of holes. Klayar coast has not traversed by public transport, so to get to the location we have to use private vehicles such as motorcycles or cars.

On the beach with white sand, you can enjoy the scenery is quite interesting. On the west side, you can ride up the hill to see the views towards the open sea or coastal scenery around Klayar. On the east side, you can go up to the rock. In this place there is a sort of fountain from the rock hole blows of the waves that hit the southern coast. Klayar beach is a beach that can be enjoyed from the scenery and atmosphere. If you're happy with the photography, the beach is suitable for immortalized in the camera.

In addition Klayar Coast, Pacitan also have several other beautiful beaches. One is the Watu Karung Beach, located in the southwestern city of Pacitan, East Java. The beach is not only accessible from the City of Pacitan. You can also make the trip takes about 2.5 hours from the city of Solo, Central Java. The name of the beach is Watu Karung, a masterpiece of nature is very beautiful and is rarely touched.

Before reaching the beach, you'll be treated to views of several mountains of coral that adorn each side of the road. nevertheless, provided a very good road, paved, with very few holes and damaged roads. This place is rarely visited. Also very sparsely populated area, there is no inn there, but you can stay and relax at home population. In addition, the tent is also a good choice. Entering the coastal area, you'll be treated to the white sand and ocean nan nan blue. However, this beach has great waves. With the ocean in the form of rocks, from time to time Watu Karung Beach can be a 'haven' for surfers.

Tempeh Chips Of Malang

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The world may be buffeted by the global economic crisis, but the impact was not up to the village of Sanan in Malang, East Java. Has been passed down through generations of the villagers are busy with the routine of producing tempeh. Nearly 80 percent of the villagers worked as a soybean producer. That's why the village is often also called Kampung Tempe.

Thanks to Tempe, you could say there is almost no unemployment in this village. A healthy business competition to help the development of soybean production in this village. Not only supplying raw tempeh, residents in the village were also made ​​of processed soybean products, such as tempeh chips.

Thanks to Tempe residents Kampung Sanan also now have a new side business, namely cattle. Residential use breeder or waste residues of soybean tempeh production of beef as a main dish. Besides being easy to get, cow fat faster than eating grass.

Development of business in this village make the economic wheels continue to spin and hardly affected by the crisis. Even now in the village center from many stands selling souvenirs. Manufacturers of other villages too much light left food products here.

Fruit Chips Malang, Indonesia

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Armed with enthusiasm, business development success Jayadi fruit chips. Jayadi never dreamed of becoming a businessman chips, but they all come from curiosity. Jayadi filled with question marks when ordering some food entrepreneur to her production machines.

Long before working in the snack food business, Jayadi first hacking attempt lathe workshop. He has a lathe in his workshop in the Village of Temas, District of Batu, Batu, East Java.

Not surprisingly, he struggled every day with a lathe, welding, and the like. The effort was developing quite well. A number of employers snacks and drinks packaging to its customers.

However, that's where Jayadi passionate desire to jump in the food business started. "Over the years many people ordering the production machines. Then I wondered, why not try making machinery and use. I see, it is also a successful businessman snacks and rarely lose, "said the bespectacled man was beginning to tell the food business.

Jayadi was hesitant because he had absolutely no business experience of food. Moreover, the background is a bachelor of engineering. Creating a production machine may not be a problem for him. "But, what about marketing later," he said. However, his determination to realize the machine to produce snack foods do not go out.

Experiments were carried out by trials. Jayadi pick fruit crisps business on the grounds, in the fruit easy to obtain residence. The machine was finally realized, a large tube-shaped roaster is equipped absorbing moisture.

Homemade machine that will make the fruit without water content. Production machines have become, it does not mean everything is ready. When first tested, the results are not perfect.

Fruit crisps are not satisfactory because it is not too crunchy. Jayadi not broke. Trial after trial was being conducted. In its calculations, at least 199 times he tried to

"Only in the trial to-200, I was satisfied with the results. The results of pan suitable for consumption and health can be accounted for, "said Jayadi, adding that efforts were fruit chips pioneered in 2005.

Once the products he wants is reached, a new round begins snacks business. The first stage, Jayadi produce chips jackfruit and pineapple with Vigour trademark. But, the reality is often not as predicted. The initial capital to build businesses worth Rp54 million floated.

Why not, because several times the production error occurs, the business continued to lose money. Jackfruit and pineapple chips that drop in the market. Unfortunately, the chips also have a kind of first bloom. In short, Vigour brand snacks have nothing.
Jayadi if not then retreat with the situation. Improvements continue to be made for improvement. Any gaps that a weak point he fixed it. One of them on production machines. He continued to fix it to the frying machine can actually produce chips are crisp and tasty. Interestingly, Jayadi has a unique recipe in the face of adversity. What is it? Dangdut song titled Fall and Rise.

Kristina songs popularized and Meggy Z was so inspired him. "The point is do not give up," he said.

Jayadi also not hesitate to learn on someone else in the snack food business. Business gradually began to evolve. Initially difficult to penetrate the market, finally managed to conquer. From the beginning to produce chips jackfruit and pineapple, are now 19 types of fruits and vegetables had her "magic" into chips. A great success Jayadi "conquer" the watermelon.

At the time his fellow entrepreneurs other chips failed to change the watermelon into dry snacks, Jayadi able to do it. Through a series of trials, this friendly man managed to turn the waters were full of fruit, dry chips. Not surprisingly, the ability to create food products that made his name flying. Trademark Vigour also skyrocketed.

"One of the advantages Vigour can indeed change the water-rich fruits into chips. We assure you, that could make a new Vigour. Another advantage, the sophistication of production machinery we do not lose the big companies, "he said.
"Everything was automated and production while maintaining quality and cleanliness of the place of production became the main capital in achieving success in the marketplace," he continued enthusiastically.

According Jayadi, the business of making chips from a variety of fruit, the result has been able to subsidize its other businesses. "When business is slow in the shop, the advantages of selling a variety of chips can help the effort," said Jayadi with a smile.

He recounts, when pioneering efforts, only a dozen employees. Because demand continues to increase from time to time, Jayadi now employs 45 people, most of its neighbors.

"Calculated duty while assisting the government in reducing unemployment. They (the employees) have been given the task according to our respective abilities. There is a duty in the field of marketing, production, accounting, and marketing of products at two outlets that we have, "said Jayadi.

Two outlet in Batu is located in Stone Galleria Commercial Complex, Diponegoro, and Mojorejo Highway No 35 B, Mojorejo Village, District Junrejo.

According to him, various chips Vigour not only spread in Batu, Malang, Malang regency, and several other cities in East Java, but has been marketed in Jayapura, Aceh, Medan, Jakarta, Pacific Islands, Padang and Palembang. "For the region of Borneo, in Samarinda, Balikpapan, Tarakan, and Banjarmasin," he said.

As in Sulawesi, said Jayadi, almost all provincial capitals and districts / cities already have chips fruit of Vigour. "Now there are four units of production. The two units are placed in the home and two other units in the outlet Mojorejo Highway, "he said.

Four units owned production machine capable of producing daily Jayadi 120 kg of chips. Average turnover per month reached Rp252 juta. This does not including fruit drinks and a variety of cakes on display at the outlet.

Even if successful, Jayadi said, the barriers sometimes still occur. For example, when the fruit season is over, he must seek out raw materials to East Java. "Sometimes even to Semarang Lampung. If the apple, the Stone remains viable, "said Jayadi.

Regarding the marketing strategy, Jayadi tourist who claimed to use vacation in Stone Town. He worked closely with the company's tourism agents from out of town. "So that brought tourists to the City of Stone, when they are invited to stop at the home owned outlets Vigour. If the fitting
sustenance, so there are 5-7 buses come, "he said

The Town Square of Batu Malang, East Java

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The town square of Batu Malang, in design as a means of recreation, education and sport for the town of Stone and the tourists. The town Square of Batu Malang is a very affordable recreational facilities for small communities. The square was inaugurated in early May 2011. At the time of day and night, you'll get a different beauty in the town square. Both day and night, as beautiful shades.

Tourism Pot At Pandaan, Indonesia

'Tourism pot' located in the Sukorejo village, at the Taman Dayu, Pandaan eastern Java. 'Tourism pot' is a home industry of making pots and cooking tools. One of the stores that sell cooking equipment is 'Shop Agung Fajar'. This shop complete all if we want to choose the model and form of cooking appliances, ranging from the smallest size up to large.

Makam Maulana Malik Ibrahim

Friday, January 20, 2012

Makam Maulana Malik Ibrahim di Gresik ini berada di tepi Jalan Malik Ibrahim di Desa Gapuro Sukolilo, Gresik. Kompleks Makam Maulana Malik Ibrahim tampak cukup bersih dan terawat dengan baik.

Maulana Malik Ibrahim dianggap termasuk salah seorang yang pertama-tama menyebarkan agama Islam di tanah Jawa, dan merupakan wali senior di antara para Walisongo lainnya. Beberapa versi menyatakan bahwa kedatangannya disertai beberapa orang. Daerah yang ditujunya pertama kali ialah desa Sembalo (sekarang adalah daerah Leran, Kecamatan Manyar, yaitu 9 kilometer ke arah utara kota Gresik).

Pertama-tama yang dilakukannya ialah mendekati masyarakat melalui pergaulan. Budi bahasa yang ramah-tamah senantiasa diperlihatkannya di dalam pergaulan sehari-hari. Ia tidak menentang secara tajam agama dan kepercayaan hidup dari penduduk asli, melainkan hanya memperlihatkan keindahan dan kabaikan yang dibawa oleh agama Islam. Berkat keramah-tamahannya, banyak masyarakat yang tertarik masuk ke dalam agama Islam. Aktivitas pertama yang dilakukan Maulana Malik Ibrahim ialah berdagang. Ia berdagang di tempat pelabuhan terbuka, yang sekarang dinamakan desa Roomo, Manyar. Berdagang membuatnya dapat berinteraksi dengan masyarakat banyak, selain itu raja dan para bangsawan dapat pula turut serta dalam kegiatan perdagangan tersebut sebagai pelaku jual-beli, pemilik kapal atau pemodal.

Setelah cukup mapan di masyarakat, Maulana Malik Ibrahim kemudian melakukan kunjungan ke ibukota Majapahit di Trowulan. Raja Majapahit meskipun tidak masuk Islam tetapi menerimanya dengan baik, bahkan memberikannya sebidang tanah di pinggiran kota Gresik. Wilayah itulah yang sekarang dikenal dengan nama desa Gapura.
Demikianlah, dalam rangka mempersiapkan kader untuk melanjutkan perjuangan menegakkan ajaran-ajaran Islam, Maulana Malik Ibrahim membuka pesantren-pesantren yang merupakan tempat mendidik pemuka agama Islam di masa selanjutnya. Hingga saat ini makamnya masih diziarahi orang-orang yang menghargai usahanya menyebarkan agama Islam berabad-abad yang silam. Setiap malam Jumat Legi, masyarakat setempat ramai berkunjung untuk berziarah. Ritual ziarah tahunan atau haul juga diadakan setiap tanggal 12 Rabi'ul Awwal, sesuai tanggal wafat pada prasasti makamnya. Pada acara haul biasa dilakukan khataman Al-Quran, mauludan (pembacaan riwayat Nabi Muhammad), dan dihidangkan makanan khas bubur harisah.

Makam Sunan Giri Di Gresik

Sunan Giri adalah anak pernikahan dari Maulana Ishaq (seorang mubaligh Islam dari Asia Tengah), dengan Dewi Sekardadu (putri Menak Sembuyu, penguasa wilayah Blambangan Banyuwangi pada masa-masa akhir Majapahit).

Karena kelahirannya dianggap telah membawa kutukan berupa wabah penyakit di wilayah tersebut. Dipaksa untuk membuang anaknya, Dewi Sekardadu menghanyutkannya ke laut. Kemudian, bayi tersebut ditemukan oleh sekelompok awak kapal (pelaut) dan dibawa ke Gresik. Di Gresik, dia diadopsi oleh seorang saudagar perempuan pemilik kapal, Nyai Gede Pinatih. Karena ditemukan di laut, dia menamakan bayi tersebut Joko Samudra. Ketika sudah cukup dewasa, Joko Samudra dibawa ibunya ke Surabaya untuk belajar agama kepada Sunan Ampel. Tak berapa lama setelah mengajarnya, Sunan Ampel mengetahui identitas sebenarnya dari murid kesayangannya itu. Kemudian, Sunan Ampel mengirimnya dan Makdhum Ibrahim (Sunan Bonang), untuk mendalami ajaran Islam di Pasai. Mereka diterima oleh Maulana Ishaq yang tak lain adalah ayah Joko Samudra. Di sinilah, Joko Samudra, yang ternyata bernama Raden Paku, mengetahui asal-muasal dan alasan mengapa dia dulu dibuang.

Lokasi makam Sunan Giri terletak di desa Giri, Kecamatan Kebomas, sekitar 4 km dari alun-alun kota Gresik. Tidak terlalu sulit untuk mencapai lokasi ini, karena terletak di antara perbatasan Gresik dan Surabaya. Sunan Giri, adalah salah satu wali Allah, yang terkenal sebagai mubaligh di dalam menyiarkan agama Islam. Beliau juga seorang Negarawan yang berperan didalam mendirikan kerajaan islam Demak. Pemilik nama asli Joko Samudra ini juga mendirikan pesantren Giri di desa Sidomukti Kebomas, Giri artinya Gunung yang berbukit. Sejak itu beliau dikenal dengan sebutan Sunan Giri.

Untuk mencapai kompleks makam Sunan Giri, harus meniti anak tangga yang cukup banyak. Di sisi kanan akan berjejer para penjual makanan dan souvenir sedangkan di sisi kiri para pengemis menadahkan tangan meminta belas kasihan, dari anak-anak hingga orang tua.

Makam Sunan giri berada pada sebuah lokasi yang dipagari oleh dinding kayu berhias kembang. Untuk memasukinya, diharapkan daftar terlebih dahulu kepada seorang penjaga makam yang duduk di sana lengkap dengan nampan tempat menampung derma dari para peziarah. Untuk masuk ke dalam makam Sunan Giri, perlu membungkukan badan sebab pintunya kecil, dengan kapasitas paling banyak 20 orang.

Dalam kompleks makam, juga terdapat kuburan anak-anak Sunan Giri seperti Raden Dalem dan Sunan Panepen. Rata-rata makam bercungkup tinggi dengan dominasi warna putih bersih.
Karena letaknya yang berada di datarang tinggi, udara lumayan segar dengan hembusan semilir angin.

Di pelataran parkir, beberapa penarik ojek dan delman sudah siap menunggu. Hari-hari biasa tampak sepi. Tapi bila bertepatan dengan selawean atau tanggal 25 puasa, ramai oleh para peziarah yang membuat pedagang tumpah ruah di sana menjajakan dagangannya.

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