Klayar & Watu Karung Beach, Pacitan

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Klayar beach is one beach which is located in the district Pacitan (East Java), precisely in the district Donorojo. The beach is still beautiful because not too many who visit this beach. Klayar beach can be reached from the main road Pracimantoro - Pacitan, turn right (follow the signs direction), from there to reach the beach Klayar still approximately 20 km. You have to be careful, because some parts of the road to the beach Klayar lot of holes. Klayar coast has not traversed by public transport, so to get to the location we have to use private vehicles such as motorcycles or cars.

On the beach with white sand, you can enjoy the scenery is quite interesting. On the west side, you can ride up the hill to see the views towards the open sea or coastal scenery around Klayar. On the east side, you can go up to the rock. In this place there is a sort of fountain from the rock hole blows of the waves that hit the southern coast. Klayar beach is a beach that can be enjoyed from the scenery and atmosphere. If you're happy with the photography, the beach is suitable for immortalized in the camera.

In addition Klayar Coast, Pacitan also have several other beautiful beaches. One is the Watu Karung Beach, located in the southwestern city of Pacitan, East Java. The beach is not only accessible from the City of Pacitan. You can also make the trip takes about 2.5 hours from the city of Solo, Central Java. The name of the beach is Watu Karung, a masterpiece of nature is very beautiful and is rarely touched.

Before reaching the beach, you'll be treated to views of several mountains of coral that adorn each side of the road. nevertheless, provided a very good road, paved, with very few holes and damaged roads. This place is rarely visited. Also very sparsely populated area, there is no inn there, but you can stay and relax at home population. In addition, the tent is also a good choice. Entering the coastal area, you'll be treated to the white sand and ocean nan nan blue. However, this beach has great waves. With the ocean in the form of rocks, from time to time Watu Karung Beach can be a 'haven' for surfers.

Tempeh Chips Of Malang

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The world may be buffeted by the global economic crisis, but the impact was not up to the village of Sanan in Malang, East Java. Has been passed down through generations of the villagers are busy with the routine of producing tempeh. Nearly 80 percent of the villagers worked as a soybean producer. That's why the village is often also called Kampung Tempe.

Thanks to Tempe, you could say there is almost no unemployment in this village. A healthy business competition to help the development of soybean production in this village. Not only supplying raw tempeh, residents in the village were also made ​​of processed soybean products, such as tempeh chips.

Thanks to Tempe residents Kampung Sanan also now have a new side business, namely cattle. Residential use breeder or waste residues of soybean tempeh production of beef as a main dish. Besides being easy to get, cow fat faster than eating grass.

Development of business in this village make the economic wheels continue to spin and hardly affected by the crisis. Even now in the village center from many stands selling souvenirs. Manufacturers of other villages too much light left food products here.

Fruit Chips Malang, Indonesia

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Armed with enthusiasm, business development success Jayadi fruit chips. Jayadi never dreamed of becoming a businessman chips, but they all come from curiosity. Jayadi filled with question marks when ordering some food entrepreneur to her production machines.

Long before working in the snack food business, Jayadi first hacking attempt lathe workshop. He has a lathe in his workshop in the Village of Temas, District of Batu, Batu, East Java.

Not surprisingly, he struggled every day with a lathe, welding, and the like. The effort was developing quite well. A number of employers snacks and drinks packaging to its customers.

However, that's where Jayadi passionate desire to jump in the food business started. "Over the years many people ordering the production machines. Then I wondered, why not try making machinery and use. I see, it is also a successful businessman snacks and rarely lose, "said the bespectacled man was beginning to tell the food business.

Jayadi was hesitant because he had absolutely no business experience of food. Moreover, the background is a bachelor of engineering. Creating a production machine may not be a problem for him. "But, what about marketing later," he said. However, his determination to realize the machine to produce snack foods do not go out.

Experiments were carried out by trials. Jayadi pick fruit crisps business on the grounds, in the fruit easy to obtain residence. The machine was finally realized, a large tube-shaped roaster is equipped absorbing moisture.

Homemade machine that will make the fruit without water content. Production machines have become, it does not mean everything is ready. When first tested, the results are not perfect.

Fruit crisps are not satisfactory because it is not too crunchy. Jayadi not broke. Trial after trial was being conducted. In its calculations, at least 199 times he tried to

"Only in the trial to-200, I was satisfied with the results. The results of pan suitable for consumption and health can be accounted for, "said Jayadi, adding that efforts were fruit chips pioneered in 2005.

Once the products he wants is reached, a new round begins snacks business. The first stage, Jayadi produce chips jackfruit and pineapple with Vigour trademark. But, the reality is often not as predicted. The initial capital to build businesses worth Rp54 million floated.

Why not, because several times the production error occurs, the business continued to lose money. Jackfruit and pineapple chips that drop in the market. Unfortunately, the chips also have a kind of first bloom. In short, Vigour brand snacks have nothing.
Jayadi if not then retreat with the situation. Improvements continue to be made for improvement. Any gaps that a weak point he fixed it. One of them on production machines. He continued to fix it to the frying machine can actually produce chips are crisp and tasty. Interestingly, Jayadi has a unique recipe in the face of adversity. What is it? Dangdut song titled Fall and Rise.

Kristina songs popularized and Meggy Z was so inspired him. "The point is do not give up," he said.

Jayadi also not hesitate to learn on someone else in the snack food business. Business gradually began to evolve. Initially difficult to penetrate the market, finally managed to conquer. From the beginning to produce chips jackfruit and pineapple, are now 19 types of fruits and vegetables had her "magic" into chips. A great success Jayadi "conquer" the watermelon.

At the time his fellow entrepreneurs other chips failed to change the watermelon into dry snacks, Jayadi able to do it. Through a series of trials, this friendly man managed to turn the waters were full of fruit, dry chips. Not surprisingly, the ability to create food products that made his name flying. Trademark Vigour also skyrocketed.

"One of the advantages Vigour can indeed change the water-rich fruits into chips. We assure you, that could make a new Vigour. Another advantage, the sophistication of production machinery we do not lose the big companies, "he said.
"Everything was automated and production while maintaining quality and cleanliness of the place of production became the main capital in achieving success in the marketplace," he continued enthusiastically.

According Jayadi, the business of making chips from a variety of fruit, the result has been able to subsidize its other businesses. "When business is slow in the shop, the advantages of selling a variety of chips can help the effort," said Jayadi with a smile.

He recounts, when pioneering efforts, only a dozen employees. Because demand continues to increase from time to time, Jayadi now employs 45 people, most of its neighbors.

"Calculated duty while assisting the government in reducing unemployment. They (the employees) have been given the task according to our respective abilities. There is a duty in the field of marketing, production, accounting, and marketing of products at two outlets that we have, "said Jayadi.

Two outlet in Batu is located in Stone Galleria Commercial Complex, Diponegoro, and Mojorejo Highway No 35 B, Mojorejo Village, District Junrejo.

According to him, various chips Vigour not only spread in Batu, Malang, Malang regency, and several other cities in East Java, but has been marketed in Jayapura, Aceh, Medan, Jakarta, Pacific Islands, Padang and Palembang. "For the region of Borneo, in Samarinda, Balikpapan, Tarakan, and Banjarmasin," he said.

As in Sulawesi, said Jayadi, almost all provincial capitals and districts / cities already have chips fruit of Vigour. "Now there are four units of production. The two units are placed in the home and two other units in the outlet Mojorejo Highway, "he said.

Four units owned production machine capable of producing daily Jayadi 120 kg of chips. Average turnover per month reached Rp252 juta. This does not including fruit drinks and a variety of cakes on display at the outlet.

Even if successful, Jayadi said, the barriers sometimes still occur. For example, when the fruit season is over, he must seek out raw materials to East Java. "Sometimes even to Semarang Lampung. If the apple, the Stone remains viable, "said Jayadi.

Regarding the marketing strategy, Jayadi tourist who claimed to use vacation in Stone Town. He worked closely with the company's tourism agents from out of town. "So that brought tourists to the City of Stone, when they are invited to stop at the home owned outlets Vigour. If the fitting
sustenance, so there are 5-7 buses come, "he said

The Town Square of Batu Malang, East Java

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The town square of Batu Malang, in design as a means of recreation, education and sport for the town of Stone and the tourists. The town Square of Batu Malang is a very affordable recreational facilities for small communities. The square was inaugurated in early May 2011. At the time of day and night, you'll get a different beauty in the town square. Both day and night, as beautiful shades.

Tourism Pot At Pandaan, Indonesia

'Tourism pot' located in the Sukorejo village, at the Taman Dayu, Pandaan eastern Java. 'Tourism pot' is a home industry of making pots and cooking tools. One of the stores that sell cooking equipment is 'Shop Agung Fajar'. This shop complete all if we want to choose the model and form of cooking appliances, ranging from the smallest size up to large.

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