Baju Kebaya Indonesia

Friday, April 1, 2011

Baju Kebaya Indonesia is one of the distinctive national dress Indonesia, which is increasingly rapid development. In the past, mothers and our grandmothers wear kebaya as everyday wear with a simple model and motif. However, this time in baju kebaya Indonesian has become a modern outfit.

Palm Tree Indonesia

Palm tree numerous in Indonesia with various types and forms. Usually a tree, bush or shrub with stems that rarely branched and grows straight upwards. Growing up in a single trunked (eg, coconut) and also there are eg, barking. Some of its members half-creeping or climbing (eg rattan). Roots grow from the base of the stem, cylindrical, less branched but usually grow a lot and solid. Roots elongated palm grows in the soil, so as to sustain the stem that grows tall (up to 20m or even more).

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