Puspa Agro In East Java, Indonesia

Friday, July 16, 2010

Agrobis Trade Centre (Puspa Agro) at Jemundo Sidoarjo, East Java Indonesia will further stimulate the agribusiness sector in East Java. As the dominant sector, which became the main absorber of labor, improving the performance of the agribusiness sector will hoist the economic growth of East Java.

Java is the largest holder of a portfolio of agricultural products in Indonesia. The existence of a modern wholesale market which will further strengthen the penetration of agricultural products to various parts of East Java in Indonesia, particularly in the east. For rice, for example, rice production is estimated to reach 11.2 million tons of Java dry Grain Milling (DUP), equivalent to 7.5 million tonnes of rice. With the Java community that rice consumption reached 3.530 million tons per year, the surplus reached 4 million tons of rice.

During one of the obstacles these farmers is a matter of product marketing. During this time, the market dominated by traders of agro-dealers in Jakarta. They actually only with capital and networks to re-sell the products purchased from farmers and traders in East Java. Many traders who bought the product from Jakarta, East Java, and then sold back to eastern Indonesia.

With this Agro Puspa, farmers and traders in East Java could be a big fast because it can directly sell their products to eastern Indonesia. Larger margin business. Can quickly prospered. With an integrated marketing, farmers and agro entrepreneurs in East Java will be increasingly easy to boost sales, "explained the former head of East Java Chamber of Commerce.

Puspa Agro is a wholesale market for the various agro commodities in Indonesia, the largest in land area of 50 hectares. There will be standing buildings with a total of seven los booth reach 5000 units that markets a variety of agro products, ranging from rice, miscellaneous crops, plantations, flowers and ornamental plants, to fresh meat.

Koleksi Bonsai Di Indonesia

Friday, July 9, 2010

Selain kaya akan kekayaan alamnya, Indonesia juga mempunyai banyak kelebihan lainnya antara lain koleksi Bonsai Indonesia. Cantik sekali tanaman yang telah dibuat bonsai dan harganya juga sangat mahal. Sangat enak dipandang mata dengan perawatan yang tidak sulit, harus teliti dan rajin..

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Monday, July 5, 2010


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