Building Satay in Bandung, West Java

Monday, February 28, 2011

Many architects and building experts expressed building Satay is one of the attractions of Bandung which have stunning elegant monumental buildings with unique architectural style leads to the form of Indonesia-European architectural style. Building Satay, with his trademark form of ornament skewers on the central tower, has long been a marker or landmark Bandung, which is not only known to the public in West Java, but also all over Indonesia and even model building was used as a signal for several buildings and city signs in West Java. For example, the building forms the front of the Railway Station Tasikmalaya. Built in 1920, this white building is still standing strong but graceful and now serves as the central building of government of West Java. In the history of building Satay, during the period of 4 years in September 1924 successfully completed the construction of the main building Gouverments Bedrijven parent, including the headquarters of the Postal, Telephone, Telegraph and the Library.

Especially on Sundays environment Satay House lawn be an option where the majority of the people to relax, just sit around enjoying the fresh air or light exercise Bandung.

Meatball In Malang, East Java

Friday, February 25, 2011

This effort stems from the meatball around in 1977 by Abah Sugito, founder and owner of Meatballs President. And be a simple meatball shop in 1982 just behind the Cinema President Malang. To simplify the customer remember the name of the shop meatballs, the President was wearing the name of Cinema. Until when President Cinemas converted into the function of Partner 2 Department Store in 1990, a name still used as a brand president of the increasingly famous meatballs this.

Ice Campur
My Childs were eating the meatballs.
Mejeng euyy....
Abah Sugito desire for developed and developing does not stop when the stall has been running. With diligent and conscientious, he never tired to innovate products homemade meatballs. Until at last created a variety of products such as this. Because the native Malang meatballs actually only consists of 4 types of products, namely meatball, tofu, dumplings wet and dry. Because that's innovation Sugito Abah Malang even more famous as a center of meatballs in Indonesia. Until another meatball traders who follow and imitate various creations meatballs dub 'President' as BAKSO PIONEER.

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