Juanda International Airport

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Juanda International Airport, is an international airport serving the city of Surabaya, East Java and the surrounding areas. Juanda Airport is located in District Sedati, Sidoarjo regency, 20 km south of Surabaya. Juanda International Airport is operated by PT Angkasa Pura 1.

The airport has a runway length of 3000 meters. Juanda Airport which has an area of ​​51,500 new m², or about two times higher than the old terminal which is only 28 088 m². New airport is also equipped with a parking facility covering an area of ​​28,900 m² that can accommodate over 3,000 vehicles. The airport is expected to accommodate 6 million to 8 million passengers per year and 120,000 tonnes of cargo per year.

Juanda Airport, originally built as a Navy air base. But in its development also serves civilian flights. In line with the growth of civil aviation, the management of Juanda Airport was transferred from the Department of Defense to the Department of Transportation and later handed back to Perum Angkasa Pura I.
Old Terminal
Juanda International Airport long has 2 terminals, one domestic terminal and an international terminal. Domestic terminal is divided into two sub-terminal, namely A and B to arrival to departure. International terminal is also divided into two sub-terminal, in C to D for departure and arrival.

New Terminal
The new airport has 11 airbridge or garbarata. Juanda Airport has operated a new start date of November 7, 2006, although only inaugurated on November 11, 2006 by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. New Juanda Airport consists of three floors. New Terminal is divided into two terminals: Terminal A or Terminal B or Terminal International and Domestic Terminals. Garuda Indonesia airlines domestic flights use Terminal A as their domestic departure terminal, while Terminal B as their domestic arrival terminal. All international flights were flying Garuda Indonesia or landed from Terminal A. Most flights at the new terminal is already using garbarata / elephant's trunk, but still there are still using a ladder, especially for domestic planes.Land Transportation Facilities To / From Juanda Airport, Surabaya
1. Bus
DAMRI buses provided by local governments that can deliver passengers to the terminal several main/Bungurasih a cost of Rp15,000. In November 2006, coinciding with the opening of the new airport, new bus transportation system started operating.

2. Taxi
Taxi Primkopal Juan impose fixed rates to different destinations in the city of Surabaya and the surrounding area including Malang, Blitar, Jember, Tulungagung. Unlike other airports in Indonesia, Juanda Primkopal Taxi only allowed to deliver passengers. Taxi tickets can be purchased at the counter at the exit either domestic or international airport. However, all taxis are allowed to transport passengers to the airport. In addition to the official taxi, like other airports in Indonesia, there are also taxis which are usually dark cheaper tariffs, but of course security can not be guaranteed.

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