Island Weh, Sabang Indonesia

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sabang is a small town located on the Island of Weh, an island at the westernmost tip of Indonesia. The distance is about 14 miles or 22.5 km from Banda Aceh that can be taken for about 2 hours by boat Fery, and 45 minutes by speed boat. Beautiful sea garden is very famous. The Government, through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, set Sabang (Weh Island) as a national tourist destination.
Beautiful beaches and unspoiled marine park is breathtaking, a magnet and haven for foreign and domestic tourists who like to dive (diving). Marine animals such as manta rays, sharks, whales, dolphins, turtles and other marine animals, it can easily be found in the waters around the town of Sabang. Experienced divers and dive instructors ready to guide the tourists to enjoy the beauty of marine parks that are there. Accommodations such as hotels, cafes and restaurants are available. Culiner Park in Kuta Village West, the best location for those wishing to sample the culinary Aceh, Sabang special culinary city. A hobby of fishing, marine waters around the island Rondo, is the right location.
At the end of the island of Weh, there is a monument or memorial, the monument Kilometer Zero. This monument is the starting point for calculating the area of ​​Indonesia from Sabang to Meuroke. The distance from the center of Sabang, about 15 km, with a road trip. On the way to Monument Kilometer Zero, we will pass Gapang Coast, beaches and coastal or island Iboih Rubiah. On the island of Weh, there is also a volcano. According to the history of Aceh, Weh island, formerly connected with the mainland island of Sumatra. But apart from the eruption of Mount berapai the Pleistocene era. Below a depth of 9 feet near the town of Sabang, the tourists can watch the brave dive underwater volcanoes.

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