Bromo and Semeru Mountains

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If you are traveling to East Java, unfortunately if not visit to the Nature Tours area of Bromo-Semeru National Park. Moreover the weather is cool and fresh condition and nature mountainous is imprisoned.
Bromo-Semeru National Park is the only conservation area has a unique of sand sea caldera in Indonesia with wide around 5,250 hectares and resides at height of 2392 above meters of sea level

Bromo and Semeru Mount are Active Mountain and the most famous objects as a tourist in East Java. This beautiful tourism area will not find in other places. You can see the active volcano from the Peak of Bromo Mountain and spread of Sand Ocean, also you can bear witness the majesty of the Semeru Mountain and beauty sunrise.

Event around of 14th or 15th in Kesodo [to-ten] of mount according to the Java calendar, you can witness the Kesodo ritual ceremony, which was held by the Tengger Ethnic. Kesodo is a rituality ceremony for pray as omen blessings from the God.

How to achieve in this area.
You can reach this area by a car Around 125 Km from Juanda Intrnational Airport (Surabaya). And there are four main gates to enter to this national park area that is: Cemorolawang village if through via Probolinggo traffic lane, Wonokitri village through via Pasuruan traffic lane, Ngadas village through via Malang traffic lane and Burno village through via Lumajang traffic lane.

Overnight place
Various hotels and lodging can be found in the Bromo-Semeru National Park district, from the cottage till four star hotels can be made the choice to stay in the Bromo with low price.

And you can wander around in the area National Park with rented of the vehicle jeep type 4x4. Or if you want to wander around only at sand sea of Bromo, you can ride on horseback, which many available for rent in there.

The best season for visits around June till October and December till January.
Your health should be excellent and should be prepared the previsions of cold weather such as warm clothing, headgear, gloves and the much provision of foods and drinks when you trip will be better if you buy a stock of food and drink as your stock.
Enjoy the scenery spectacular Mount Bromo-Semeru, East Java

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