Typical Food of Jambi, Sumatra

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Each region has its specialties is the brand area. In Jambi, which is quite famous is tempoyak, Tepe curry fish, and boiled fish. Jambi is the third special menu has its own flavor and is known far outside the region.

Tempoyak is a food derived from fermented durian fruit. It was very appetizing. No native Edinburgh who had never tasted durian acidic foods made from it. Original Tempoyak Jambi usually only be found in Edinburgh when the durian season arrives. Tempoyak can be used to create various menus such as curry-curry-tempoyak quite famous and a main menu are several restaurants and restaurants offering cuisine typical of Jambi.

Besides curry, tempoyak can also be made for other types of dishes such as chili and curry tempoyak river fish. Jambi Tempoyak very tasty if cooked with fish streams. Seasonings used are chili and turmeric are mashed. "Then the mixed water, heat until boiling, then enter the fish. Tempoyak different taste, depending on the acidification of durian that has been done." If it is made from the original durian, it's definitely more original and delicious. Tempoyak distinctive aroma of curry and taste makes it have its own flavor. Pindang Jambi uses spices like turmeric, ginger, galangal, lemongrass, garlic, and onion and chili. "If the boiled meat, all the crushed spices. While cooking boiled fish, seasoning it just sliced ​​it.

Besides the two dishes above, Jambi also have other distinctive cuisine, which is fish curry and malbi Tepe. Tepe fish curry made from cork mashed fish mixed with flour and eggs, then in pempek adon to resemble dough. Then the dough is boiled, when cool cut square, put curry and coconut milk. Malbi goulash is cooking, but has a sweet flavor because it is cooked with a little soy sauce and brown sugar. Savory flavor in cooking are still created.

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