Klayar & Watu Karung Beach, Pacitan

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Klayar beach is one beach which is located in the district Pacitan (East Java), precisely in the district Donorojo. The beach is still beautiful because not too many who visit this beach. Klayar beach can be reached from the main road Pracimantoro - Pacitan, turn right (follow the signs direction), from there to reach the beach Klayar still approximately 20 km. You have to be careful, because some parts of the road to the beach Klayar lot of holes. Klayar coast has not traversed by public transport, so to get to the location we have to use private vehicles such as motorcycles or cars.

On the beach with white sand, you can enjoy the scenery is quite interesting. On the west side, you can ride up the hill to see the views towards the open sea or coastal scenery around Klayar. On the east side, you can go up to the rock. In this place there is a sort of fountain from the rock hole blows of the waves that hit the southern coast. Klayar beach is a beach that can be enjoyed from the scenery and atmosphere. If you're happy with the photography, the beach is suitable for immortalized in the camera.

In addition Klayar Coast, Pacitan also have several other beautiful beaches. One is the Watu Karung Beach, located in the southwestern city of Pacitan, East Java. The beach is not only accessible from the City of Pacitan. You can also make the trip takes about 2.5 hours from the city of Solo, Central Java. The name of the beach is Watu Karung, a masterpiece of nature is very beautiful and is rarely touched.

Before reaching the beach, you'll be treated to views of several mountains of coral that adorn each side of the road. nevertheless, provided a very good road, paved, with very few holes and damaged roads. This place is rarely visited. Also very sparsely populated area, there is no inn there, but you can stay and relax at home population. In addition, the tent is also a good choice. Entering the coastal area, you'll be treated to the white sand and ocean nan nan blue. However, this beach has great waves. With the ocean in the form of rocks, from time to time Watu Karung Beach can be a 'haven' for surfers.

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