Tempeh Chips Of Malang

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The world may be buffeted by the global economic crisis, but the impact was not up to the village of Sanan in Malang, East Java. Has been passed down through generations of the villagers are busy with the routine of producing tempeh. Nearly 80 percent of the villagers worked as a soybean producer. That's why the village is often also called Kampung Tempe.

Thanks to Tempe, you could say there is almost no unemployment in this village. A healthy business competition to help the development of soybean production in this village. Not only supplying raw tempeh, residents in the village were also made ​​of processed soybean products, such as tempeh chips.

Thanks to Tempe residents Kampung Sanan also now have a new side business, namely cattle. Residential use breeder or waste residues of soybean tempeh production of beef as a main dish. Besides being easy to get, cow fat faster than eating grass.

Development of business in this village make the economic wheels continue to spin and hardly affected by the crisis. Even now in the village center from many stands selling souvenirs. Manufacturers of other villages too much light left food products here.

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