The Museum Of Jambi

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jambi city still has a museum that has a culture collection of Jambi Province. The Museum of Jambi, located at the intersection of Jalan Prof. Dr. Soedewi Sofwan, and Jalan Urip Sumoharjo. Built on February 18, 1981, and inaugurated June 6, 1988. The museum features traditional architecture Jambi, the Kajang Lako House. Currently, the museum is in a period of renovation will be completed in December 2011. The museum has a land area of ​​13 350 square meters with building area of ​​4,000 square meters.

Museum of Jambi has a diverse collection numbering approximately 2855 units. These collections are grouped in sections such as geologika, Biologika, filologika, etnografika, arkeologika, historika, numeratika, keramologika, fine arts, and teknologika. Collection has been divided into several sections are also grouped in different rooms. one of them, the room that presents cultural treasures Jambi culture of ancient times like the Malay traditional hunting equipment, farm equipment and fishing, as well as woven and woven handicrafts and batik Jambi typical with flower motif. Then, Jambi Malay ethnic wedding supplies ranging from traditional dresses to wedding paraphernalia wedding accessories, wedding, bedding, and special batik cloth used to wrap corpses.

In another room with the theme "Natural Potential Jambi", there are animals that exist throughout the province of Jambi. The animals have been preserved and some are replicas, such as Sumatran tigers, bears, crocodiles, and others. In addition, the natural potential of Jambi in the room there are also examples of timber trees in Jambi, and the discovery of the Batang river from time to time, such as natural stones from ancient times until today.

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