Bungkul Parks In Surabaya

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bungkul parks located on Jalan Raya Darmo Surabaya, the park is located in an area approximately 900 square meters. Parks Bungkul such as  is the heart of Surabaya. The park is now a theme park for those who want to enjoy the green in the center of town. Some events are also frequent in the title of this park for entertainment or cultural activities. In the back garden, there are some stalls which offer typical menu Surabaya, as Rawon, Soto, meatballs and more. Parks hump crowded from morning till night and be part of Surabaya city that deserves to be proud of.
Since March 21, 2007, Park was inaugurated with the concept of cauliflower Sport, Education, and Entertainment. Besides, this park has various facilities, such as skateboarding and BMX bike track, jogging track, plaza (an open stage that can be used for live performance of various types of entertainment), wireless internet access (Wi-Fi or hotspot), public telephone, green arena park such as the fountain, Pujasera area and ready to drink tap water (KASM) is the newest facility at this time which was inaugurated by the Mayor of Surabaya on August 11, 2009.
The park is open to the public, every day from morning until evening, for Sunday morning is usually the place as a center Singgahan the bicycle community. Because one way that the enactment of the "car free day" (days with no motor vehicles) that have been implemented by the Government of Surabaya. And it still continues to develop this activity in several other streets in Surabaya.

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