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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tebo estuary is one of the city located in Batang Hari river and Trunk Tebo. Tebo estuary itself is a district capital Tebo regency. The city is located exactly promontory of the river (meeting) between the Batang Hari river and Trunk Tebo. Tebo Muara community often mention the confluence of two rivers as the tip of the Cape and is since a few years ago the area was used as a tourist location Tanggo Rajo.

Rajo Tanggo
Rajo Tanggo historically built as in ancient times the king Jambi been anchored in this area. This area is located right alongside the river. Extensive tourist spot is only about 1.5 acres directly adjacent to the estuary Tebo market and for some people who are scattered in several villages along the river, the area is often used to place the boat waiting for the machine (Getek) which is used for river transport. Rajo Tanggo visited crowded when holidays and on market day (Friday and Tuesday). Unfortunately, facilities and existing facilities are not properly groomed and facilities are fairly limited. Outside this region we can see the trees grow tall. Beautiful atmosphere makes the atmosphere is quite comfortable. Large trees are decades old even thought there might be hundreds of years old. Distribution of scattered trees follow the roads that are here. Not far from this area we can also find tennis courts are no longer maintained, there are only a few groups of young men sometimes sport here.
Fort tuo (old fort relic Japan)
About 300 meters towards the west end of the promontory, there is an old castle complex that was established and used Japanese soldiers during the occupation. Former Japanese building marked by the shape of the building is still intact and the names of some buildings that are listed on the walls of the building using the Japanese vocabulary, for example Sakura. Old buildings were destroyed unkempt and overgrown shrubs. This complex longitudinal follow the direction of the Batang Hari river right behind the complex. Towards the south about 30 meters from the complex right in the tomb of Sultan Taha Syaifudin hero with an area of ​​about half an acre more.
Heroes Tomb of Sultan Taha Syaifudin
Sultan Taha seoarang Syaifudin is a national hero who came and fought in Jambi. According to history he died and was buried in Tebo. Tomb of Sultan Taha became one of the destinations, unfortunately not optimal treatment for these historical buildings that began to experience physical damage.

Estuary market Tebo (Dutch heritage) and historic legend
This traditional market is different from traditional markets in other cities. Existing building is still largely a colonial relic, made of wood and two-story buildings with a typical form of the Dutch and the Japanese made the city khasan history is still felt. there is a market west of the old mosque, the mosque used to call people around the water's edge. This mosque is where the story according to the spread of Islam in Muara Tebo. There are some religious leaders Islamic tomb in front of the mosque, usually visited by people from the plains, jambi and other cities for the pilgrimage.
Enjoy the exotic nature in Batang Hari river and Trunk Tebo.
For those of you who love nature and like adventure, traveling in the two watersheds is very challenging for the try. We can use the boat engine (getek) belongs to the people to get around to follow the flow of this river. Along the river we can enjoy the natural beauty and distinctive residential community by the river.

Tired of traveling in the town of Muara Tebo, to add to the atmosphere khasan Jambi province, you should try some typical foods Jambi. one of which must be in the try is Tempoyak. Tempoyak is fermented durian fruit, used in cooking with catfish and ikan2 captured from the Batang Hari river. For souvenirs, you can buy a souvenir and finished as a sign you've arrived at the town of Muara Tebo.
Access to transportation and lodging is very easy to get. In Muara Tebo already there are some decent hotels, travel agents, and the city is traversed by a causeway linking the Sumatra city of Jambi, Padang.

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