Rujak Cingur Surabaya

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Rujak Cingur is one of the traditional foods that are easily found in East Java, especially Surabaya region of origin. In the Java language the word "cingur" means "mouth", this refers to the material of the mouth or nose sliced ​​beef boiled and mixed into the dish. Rujak Cingur usually consists of several types of sliced ​​fruits such as cucumber, Krai (a type of cucumber typical East Java), bengkoang, young mango, pineapple, plus kedondong and rice cake, tofu, tempeh, and cingur bendoyo and vegetables such as sprouts / bean sprouts , spinach and beans. All the material was mixed with a sauce or condiment made ​​from processed shrimp paste, boiled water for a bit thin, sugar / brown sugar, chili, fried peanuts, fried onions, salt and thinly sliced ​​green banana seeds are still young (banana klutuk). All the sauce / seasoning mixed with diuleg way, that's why salad is also often called salad cingur pestle.

Rujak cingur divided into two kinds, namely the presentation of 'ordinary' and 'matengan' (refer to the letter e in the word matengan like calling the letter e in words like / call / bendoyo). Presentation of 'normal', or generally, of all the materials mentioned above, while the 'matengan' (mature, Java) consists of only cooked ingredients alone; rice cake, fried tofu, fried tempeh, bendoyo (a simmering Krai) and vegetable (kangkung, long beans, bean sprouts) which has been deliberated. With no material 'mentah'nya the fruit, because basically there are people who do not like fruit. Both use the sauce / seasoning the same.

These foods are called rujak cingur for processed spices used are shrimp paste and sliced ​​cingur. This is what distinguishes the food in general is usually salad without the use of materials such cingur. Cingur salad commonly served with additional crackers, and a base pincuk (banana leaf) or a plate.

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