Sipin Lake, Jambi

Saturday, June 30, 2012

One of the attractions that could be one destination to visit is the tourist area of ​​Lake Sipin. This tourist area is located not far from the center of Edinburgh. Only a 30 minutes from downtown, you've got to show off the natural beauty of the place.

This area is located at Simpang Buluran Recognize, Telanaipura District, City of Edinburgh. Precisely in addition to the Faculty of Medicine Unja. From the highway you have to see the sights of Lake Sipin magnificent.

The lake is a tourist area Sipin accentuate the natural beauty of the lake. You will feel comfortable in this place. Places that attract dozens of visitors, especially young people from the very crowded at 16.00 pm. For holiday visitors can of at 14.00 pm. You will enjoy the fresh air while looking at the scenery around the fabulous such as fishermen who are paddling the boat, and the existing houses on stilts across the lake. Attraction, every holiday is often found of road.
Usually visitors crowded the seats that have been offered by the management of this tour. As in the garden, or from the huts provided by the merchants. It is wonderful to see the views of the lake while tasting food sold in this area.
One trader said that the place is crowded tourist visited every afternoon. Interestingly here, this place can be used as recreation with family. Because the facility here quite complete, especially the evening cool environment and not far from downtown.

In this resort there are also boat rides. You can paddle your own boat with a lover or beloved family. Boat that you paddle across and around the lake, of course, you have to cross that line has been determined by the manager of the boat dock. To play this boat, you just spent money amounting to Rp 5 thousand / person. Each boat usually consist of three or four people.
"This boat rides recently opened after the Eid yesterday, so still relatively new, about 1 month. Visitors can paddle your own boat or use the services of workers. They circled Lake Sipin, of course, be guided through the pathways that we have provided

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